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October 5th, 2006
Word on the Street : World Religions

Are the Ten Commandments similar to beliefs in other religions? Do you think all religions are basically the same path to get you to the afterlife?

Molly, 22 (right) -- Nicole, 21 (left)
Molly: I think everybody is going for basically the same thing. That they want a happier life in this one and the next. And I think that hope for the next life is really uplifting for this one.

Nicole: I think you see a lot of similarities. Basic respect and caring. I think religion is kind of like family. Everyone has their own way of learning it and adapting it to your life. And whatever way works for you is what religion you end up in ultimately. I mean most people want the same things. To be a good person and want better things to consistently happen to them, whether it be in this life or another life.
Elizabeth, 18
I'm not extremely familiar with other religions, but I think more or less they cover the same things. I think they are all similar yet they do have their differences. But I won't say that one is better than the other.
Chuck, 18
I think there's an absolute connection. I mean, Christianity isn't anything new. It's an allegory that's been taken down. I think there's a very strong connection. Even [the commandment] not to worship other Gods aside from me. I think you can trace that back to many other religions. I think a lot of them are similar. I think all worthy religions are about living a good life and how you do that and what steps you take. I guess it's similar to the path that you choose to take is based on you. I personally am more Christian than anything else. I think because it spells things out as opposed to Buddhism or Taoism, which are vague in areas. Christianity really spells out what you should do to be a good person. But it's whatever you're into.

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