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How to Pray
Pray with Others Online

On-line Retreat
Creighton University has an entire Online Minisistries Homepage with all sorts of spiritual guides and even the chance for an online retreat.

24-7 Prayer
24-7 Prayer is not really a prayer site in the conventional sense. It runs missions to help young people pray, but it mostly operates “boiler rooms” of continuous, year-round, 24-7 prayer and, more commonly, volunteer prayer-rooms where a group of people agree to pray continuously in one room for at least one week.

The World Prayers Project
The World Prayers Project is an interfaith nonprofit public service organization that is bringing many World Prayers together in order to honor “the benefits of spiritual, cultural and natural diversity.” The prayers are diverse and many are non-Christian, let alone not-Catholic. However, Pope John Paul II prayed at the Wailing Wall and many of these prayers could easily be said with the Christian God in mind. Even if you don’t think so, the site is still a great chance to read some beautiful prayers from other faith traditions.

Tearfund is an excellent opportunity to link the commitment to prayer with the commitment to help those in need.

Pray the News
If you wonder, why prayer is relevant to the problems in today’s world, you really have to check out Pray the News. It’s run by the Carmelites of Indianapolis and provides both wise commentary from four sisters and the chance to link your prayer life to larger issues.

Request a Prayer
For prayer requests, you can send your prayers to the prayer circle of the New Orleans Jesuits.

  • Melissa Hollis

    Please pray for me, my brother has ADHD ass-burgers (is not a bad word),disgraphia, and mood disorder.He hits me, kicks me, yells at me, punches me, and bosses me around. I feel like a slave to him, A little nobdy.My brother hardly shows faith. Sometimes i wish i was dead. To make it worse i moved recently and i have no friends in my new middle school.Please, pray for me.

  • Phyllis Sosa

    Father I come before you God and ask that you will heal Antonio Milan of all emotional pain caused by others or from past experiences. Father I ask that you will step in this situation and fix it. Father right now I ask that you will provide a job for his wife and himself as well. Father with you everything is possible. Father I also ask that this job will have all the benefits they need to support themselves financially and medically. In Jesus name, I thank you for providing a way.

  • antonio milan

    Please pray for my husband Antonio Milan that he will humble himself to the Lord.
    And the He will be healed from emotional pain. And He and his wife may find a job.

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