Fast Pray Give


Fast Pray Give Lent Calendar

Lent is a time for personal conversion, a time when Christians strip away all that is unnecessary and become more mindful of their dependence on God. Our Fast Pray Give Lent Calendar (like an Advent Calendar, but for Lent) will give you a moment of spiritual contemplation each day, and new and practical ideas for fasting, prayer and almsgiving.


Lent Contest

Enter our Lent Contest every day and be placed in a random drawing to win the contest’s grand prize — an iPad Mini 3! Click on a day in the calendar to find a link to enter. An added bonus: If you share the contest with your friends through Facebook and they enter the contest, you receive more chances to win. Click here for the rules.


Photo Challenge

Journey through Lent with Busted Halo’s InstaLent Photo Challenge. Click here for more details and a complete listing of our creative Lent photo-a-day ideas. Post a photo every day during Lent and stay connected to the ways we experience God in our everyday lives. Get ready; your Instagram feed is about to look at whole lot like Lent!


VIDEO: Go Into the Desert this Lent

Looking for a way to “do” Lent a little differently this year? We’re inviting you into the desert: a quiet place with less of us and more of God. The desert offers solitude as well as temptation. And it means something a little different to everyone. Watch this short, meditative video that will help you wander into your own desert this Lent.


VIDEO: Stations of the Cross

Busted Halo® has created a series of virtual stations designed for personal devotion. Find a quiet place to watch these stations, and as you do the devotions, be open to how God is speaking to you. The Stations of the Cross may be done at any time, but they are commonly a part of Lenten spiritual practice, specifically on Good Friday.