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The Busted Halo Cast® is our weekly podcast that answers questions of faith ranging from the simple basics of the Catholic faith to complex dilemmas of everyday life. We also highlight a church to visit that other young adults have found welcoming and vital and preview next week's scripture readings.

Busted Halo’s Fr. Dave Dwyer, Fr. Steven Bell, and Barbara Wheeler-Bride co-host every week offering their faith-filled answers to your questions. You can call-in your questions to (917) 591 8476 or e-mail us at questionbox@bustedhalo.com

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July 18th, 2012
#325 – Is it a sin to read 50 Shades of Grey?

Is it a sin to read 50 Shades of Grey? Fr. Dave & Barbara are back and intern Vicky joins the fun. (Question begins at 10:30) Check out Busted Halo’s Spiritual Olympics starting soon! 07-17-12.

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  • Vanessa

    Most women have a problem with their men watching or engaging in pornographic material what makes us think its ok for us women to do so. Just as we are concerned about what we put into our mouths we should also be more concerned about what we put into our minds, its not as easy to get junk out of there.

  • MaryVerity

    Somewhat along the same lines as Chris4christ’s post, saying to just get thru the mucky part to get to the “redeeming value” part is like saying, “Take this poison pill. Just get past the poison part in the middle and concentrate on all that good protein it’s embedded in!”

  • Chris4christ

    Also, the story itself completely devalues the sexual act and the dignity of human beings. Isn’t that a good enough reason not to read it?

  • Chris4christ

    If ‘getting past the first book’ entails placing oneself in the position of getting tempted to lust, then that is non-negotiable. Why read a trashy book and put our souls in danger? This kind of literature breaks the heart of Our God. Let us honour Him

  • Marianne

    It is a story of healing and love. If you can get past the first book, the second one is where the touching romance begins, with the strong woman helping the broken man heal.

  • Nancy

    For me, it’s more that I will be tempted to return to sinful behaviors I have prayed and worked hard to overcome. So I choose to stay away from what I know has the potential, not to change my mind about God, but to keep certain sins out of my life. As an example, I have books recommended by my atheist manager without concern since these do not touch on a tempting, sinful, repetitive behavior of my own.

  • Julie Hagan Bloch

    If anyone is afraid to read something because of a fear that it may influence one’s view of something, isn’t that rather like saying, “I know my views are unreasonable, so I refuse to listen to opposing views in case it becomes so obvious to me that I change my mind”.

  • Nancy

    I sometimes read highly popular contemporary books so I can engage in discussions with non-Christians about the books and give a Christian perspective. Having said that, this series of books I have not been able to read because I worry about the potential negative impact on my Christian walk.

  • Gina

    Love those interns…Vicky is the next Fr. Dave

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