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October 25th, 2012
#335-Why didn’t the disciples recognize Jesus after the resurrection?

Why didn’t the disciples recognize Jesus after the resurrection? Question begins at 7:24. 10-23-12

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  • Jeff Merk


    I appreciate your last sentence. Thank you.

    I also understand the body of your overall comment regarding the “non-negotiables,” and that’s what frustrates me as a Catholic who is trying to follow the teachings of the church. I used the following as a guide prior to the video: http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-TV/2012/09/27/Catholic-bishop-Voting-for-Obama-jeopardizes-the-eternal-salvation-of-your-own-soul / http://www.catholic-voter.com/Documents/Voter%27s_Guide_For_Serious_Catholics.pdf With that said, I’m just frustrated with the sugar-coated messaging, and I wish the messaging from the USCCB would be clearer, like the links in my post.

  • Mike Hardy

    I tried looking for the “non-negotiables” in Faithful Citizenship (the USCCB document – not the BH video) and didn’t see them. I’m pretty sure that they were a part of a “voters guide for serious catholics” by some para-church organization and not from the Bishops or Rome. As one of the other commenters on the video lamented – the non-negotiables checklist approach often leaves folks with no acceptable options on the ballot. And yet if still honestly believe that one of the candidates is far better than the other, are you really just supposed to abstain?

    By the way, Jeff, I believe my tone in my original response yesterday was a bit snide and I apologize for that.

  • Jeff Merk

    I’m not trying to make this a Republican/Democrat issue. I’m lamenting over the lack of conviction communicated in the video when it covers our duty to protect life. What happened to the 5 non-negotiables? It just so happens, the man who is supporting & promoting abortion, free contraception, & embryonic stem cell research is a Democrat. If he was a Republican, I would express the same concerns.

  • Terri H.

    Mike, you are absolutely right! I almost wish the Catholic Church would just come out and say that between the 2 Presidential candidates before us, Romney is the candidate the Church supports!!

    And, yes, basically by voting for Obama, you are saying that you are endorsing a current President and candidate that fosters a mission of death–not just with the unborn, but also with our elderly! Just research Obama’s death panels. It’s just been a matter of time. If they have no problem ending an unborn life, they will have NO problem ending the life of our elderly all in the name of “saving money.”

    It shouldn’t sit well with us that Obamacare forces small businesses and corporations to pay for insurance that goes against their/our Christian principles. They are being forced to pay for contraceptives for their employees and if they don’t they are fined. Take Hobby Lobby for example–they are a Christian, family run company that has for the past 4 years raised the wages of their employees even in this down economy. If I’m not mistaken their employees start at 80% over minimum wage. With Obamacare they will be forced to carry insurance that goes against their Christian principals. If they don’t they will be fined 1 and a half million dollars per day for not conforming! Why would a gov’t want to hurt companies like these? Doesn’t sound like a President or candidate that I want to support!!

    I’m disappointed in the Catholic Church for being so timid and not wanting to rock the boat!! Truth is a double-edged sword and it WILL divide, but ultimately a greater good will come from it!! Yep, euthanasia is a consequence of abortion! If we can kill a baby in the womb, we’ll have no problem killing a sick or elderly person! Just a matter of time!

    I just wish more Catholics would stand up and help other “Catholics” see the light! I’ll be honest! I have kept my mouth shut on social media about my political opinion for the fear of “rocking the boat” and offending others. But, not anymore!! Guilty silence is NOT love of country! God bless us one and all!

  • Mike Hardy

    Did you really walk away thinking it was OK to vote for Barack Obama? Or did you just lament that Faithful Citizenship didn’t come out and tell people to vote Republican or risk eternity in hell?

  • Jeff Merk

    Saw the voter infomercial & came away VERY disappointed. I’ve been taught to ALWAYS “vote on the side of life.” After watching the whishy-washy video, I walked away thinking it was okay to vote for Barack Obama. This man has done more to promote the culture of death than anyone ever sitting in the White House. There’s no surprise why there are so many confused Catholics when it comes to issues of life.

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