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July 27th, 2011
Are We Ever Able to Interfere with God’s Plan?

What do the phrases “God’s Will” and “God’s plan” really mean? Is it God’s Will when someone suffers? Is it against God’s Will if we decide a possible calling isn’t right for us? A caller question on the Busted Halo radio show about whether the use of medical technology interferes with God’s plan leads Fr. Dave, Robyn and Brett into an interesting conversation about our ability to intervene in, or even define, God’s will for our lives — spanning topics of medical care, callings, the movie The Adjustment Bureau, genetic engineering and the anthropomorphizing of God.

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  • Kim

    As a child born in 1976 with allergy-induced asthma, I can say that I have been saved over and over again from death by modern medicine. If I had been born even 100 years earlier, I probably would have died young.

    I have come to believe that modern medicine is an act of God. Jesus himself was a healer of MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT. Drugs with the ability to help people deal with anxiety and depression are surely works of a God who would heal the MIND. Drugs and medical procedures that increase quality of life and even extend life are surely works of a God who would heal the BODY. And wouldn’t it be in line with God’s love for us that He would want us to live longer lives so that we could have that “eleventh hour” to turn to Him, saving our SPIRIT?

    There are many people I have met with no health problems who have become callous with regards to people who rely on modern medicine. Survival of the fittest may be the way of the wild, but if God had wanted that for us, I don’t believe He would have given us even the natural herbs for medicine, and certainly not the intelligence to use it to heal.

    Sickness teaches us compassion for others, a quality that Jesus showed in abundance. Maybe modern medicine has made people more aware of the sick and that is why I have seen so much intolerance for modern medicine, even among Christians.

    But I thank God every day for the good health He has giving me using modern medicine. And I pray that others might see that everything that is good comes from God.

  • ruth housman

    Free Will and Determinism: Questions of God’s WILL

    We do know the aftermath of tragedy, and that “adds up” to what we can do, to help others, caught in the grip of what is terrible, and those left behind, as life itself, for us all, at times, approaches tsunami strength.

    What we cannot know, is what God’s will is in all that happens, and also, how much God is actually responsible for the events that do characterize our lives, for good, and for bad. Surely the two are inseparable, and we know we are deeply living in a bipolar universe, in which both sorrow, depression, and deep suffering, exist along with the exhilaration, the creativity, and wonder of what is Creation itself, in all that we see, do, hear. It’s an amalgam of opposites and just maybe there is a fold here, a crease we cannot see, in trying to iron this all out for ourselves.

    What is GOD and what is Not God. It feels like we should be able to determine this, by following the light in all that we do, and surely we are gifted a learning curve in life, and that curve I say, must be to move towards supportive ways of being, to put the kind back into, mankind.

    Could it be, there is a story surrounding our stories, and that there will be a Divine answer to the endless question about horror, suffering, what happens, that we have yet to “divine”?

    We do act with choice, and we vaunt our freedom of choice. We also know, that we do follow determined patterns biologically and that some things, that we do know, are totally out of our control, and often our worlds indeed seem to spin out of control.

    Could it be, we have been “led down the garden path” literally and figuratively on the issue of free will, because there is a story, that will bring us all home, yet to be told, and home, being, The Garden.

    Once thing is certain, in order to have such a concept of free will, we must have determinism, and maybe we also need to surrender to that greater story by freeing “will”, our will.

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