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September 19th, 2012
Can We Lose Our Salvation?

Father Dave talks to Brad, a listener with a very big question: can we lose our salvation? If so, how?

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  • mathew

    Yes we can lose our salvation. First of all we should know there are different places in heaven and hell. Bible says we can lose our crown if we are not vigilant (Rev 3:11). There are so many scriptures to prove that. In summary, when we accept Jesus Christ as our personal saviour and confess thru our mouth we are saved. Rom 10:09. But this is only the beginning of salvation experience. Mark 16:16 believe and baptized shall be saved. Rom 13:11- Final salvation means salvation of our body or rapture. When we accept Jesus as our saviour, our name is written in the book of life. Rev. 20:15 – Whose name is not written in the book of life shall be case in the lake of fire. Before Jesus in the old testament, they need to believe in Jehovah God. God says to Moses I will blot out their name from the book of life who sinned which means their names were written once. Exodus Exo 33:32. Some say if a child born to a parent, will the blood bond can be destroyed ? In the true story of rich man and Lazarus.It is a true story and not a parable because real names are mentioned Lazarus, Abraham etc., here we see rich calling from torment (not hell) to Abraham in (Paradise) is not heaven but a soul resting place. father and he is calling him son. We see the spiritual bond but both are miles apart. Matthew 22:13 Then the king said to the servants,’Bind him hand and foot, take him away, and throw him into the outer darkness; there is where the weeping and grinding of teeth will be.’ What is the use now when he is not in heaven. The person saved and in hell may call Jesus as father help me, but that is too late. I believe rich man never repented of his sins when he was alive. These people will be cast in the lake of fire for ever and ever, or everlasting fire which means no end. (everlasting means without end)people ask how merciful God can put someone in hell. (it is the trick of the devil) because he does n’t want anyone to repent and continue in sin, then he wont have forgiveness of God and drag him to hell. Satan is very cunning to make believe God is so merciful and never let sinners go to hell. AFter the final judgement only (they will be judged and cast in the lake of fire).Rev 20 : 11-15.

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