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Fr. Dave Dwyer, CSP, and Fr. Larry Rice, CSP, discuss facts of Catholicism not widely known, including everything from historical facts to modern pop culture references about the Church.

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June 24th, 2010
How to Have a Good Hospital Stay

Fr. Larry lists some tips for Catholics going into a hospital for extended stay.  Due to changing laws and societal norms, things the patient must do to see a priest have drastically changed since the 50’s.

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  • Mary MacPherson

    Love all the podcasts…thank you.
    In our local hospital (and probably many other hospitals) patients in isolation (including those with reduced resistance in protective isolation) can not receive Eucharist because hospital pastoral care staff or Eucharistic ministers or other clergy are not permitted to enter room by hospital policy. With the increased need for protective isolation because of annual flu viruses, MRSA, Norwalk virus etc, I’m sure this is a common situation. What do you suggest as a solution?

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