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The Busted Halo® Show with Father Dave Dwyer
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August 25th, 2011
Just Married?! Two Very Important Questions Regarding Weddings

Father Dave talks to two different callers who have questions about two related yet different questions. The first is Patty who asks if it is okay to attend a Catholic friend’s wedding, even if it is only a civil marriage. The second is from Michale who asks if Catholics can marry non-Catholics. Two very intriguing questions with two very enlightening answers.

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  • fr jim t

    ah, the “gospel of tolerance”….. i wonder why fr dave didn’t ask the prudent question: is the aunt known by the family as the “catholic” aunt. So why would all their pantie be in a bunch if she didn’t attend.
    How can she go to the wedding knowing that they be living a sinful life right from the very start.
    The “good old days” of “they’ll be back” are gone…..

    what a shame, a missed opportunity just so we could be “tolerant” or intolerant behavior

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