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January 24th, 2008
Week 1: Faith Story: Tracy Crimmins

Week 1 begins with a story of faith and asks us where have we seen God throughout our lives. Tracy Crimmins talks about that journey to help us reflect on our own experience.

Some spiritual helps:

The Examen: A way to continue to reconnect with God daily and help us more clearly see where Godis working in the patterns of our lives.

A guide to using the Examen can be found here: http://norprov.org/spirituality/ignatianprayer.htm

Reflection Questions:
How have you related to god over the course of your life?
How did you see God as a child?
How did you see god during adolescence?
How do you see God today?
What changed along the way in that relationship?
What does this tell you about God working throughout your life?

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