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Our readers asked:

Can a property be haunted if someone was playing with witchcraft, sacrifices and pentagrams? If so, how can one get rid of it?

Mike Hayes Answers:

Every diocese has an exorcist on staff.  You can feel free to call your local diocese and ask for the exorcist’s office.  You can explain the situation to him and then he can conduct an investigation to see if there is anything to your claim with regard to demonic possession. There is an excellent book that you can read called “The Rite” about an exorcist who gets trained in Rome and how he came to learn much about the process of exorcism.

With regards to your question though about people playing with witchcraft, etc…that indeed could have opened up the possibility of demonic entry–however it is fairly rare that a demon would stay around a house rather than stay with the people who were playing with the witchcraft.  Ask the local exorcist for his opinion.

I would also say that while I don’t doubt the veracity of your claim, there are indeed a lot of crackpots who call the exorcist on a regular basis.  So know that initially the exorcist will doubt your claim–and he should!  The exorcist must always be doubtful before his investigation.  So don’t be offended by this and rest easy if he doesn’t find anything.  That should insure that your home indeed is not haunted.

The Author : Mike Hayes
Mike Hayes is the senior editor for the Googling God section at BustedHalo.com.
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  • Steve

    Technically, I think that a diocese’s bishop is considered its ‘default’ exorcist if there is not one designated.

  • Tim

    Every diocese has an exorcist?! I wish that was true. Actually, very few dioceses have exorcists.

  • TotaTua

    a Catholic store MAY NOT sell anointing oils, since anointing is a sacrament. i own a store and sought guidance from several priests and the local ordinary.

  • Laurie

    Sorry for the typos, I meant to type “sacramental” but my M key doesn’t always work well.

  • Laurie

    Laity certainly bless certain items. This is the reason you can go to the church to obtain a bottle or Holy Water, or purchase anointing oils in the Catholic shops. Laity cannot perform “sacraental” blessings.

  • Gemini

    I bless all my rooms and use sage and pray to God the father and ask in Jesus name to clean out my house of any and all impurity’s bad spirits etc. And in the winter I pray my car starts and bless it.

  • Bill

    Laity not allowed to bless? Horsefeathers! I bless my family, my food, my work every day in the name of Jesus. I’ll agree that I can’t operate in a liturgical manner, but I can sure bless my own. Leo was well within his rights to bless his own house and incurred no blame in doing so.

  • Nick

    Laity are not allowed to bless, Leo. Only priests may bless. The priest should have advised you to pray and should have blessed the house himself.

  • Leo

    I had a house in the 70’s that was inhabited by what was explained as a a “friendly spirit”. She was an elderly lady who had died there many years before. Sounds, odors (pleasant) and passive activities such as door closings were regular but when my elderly granmother came over the activities became slightly more aggressive. A picture fell and a glass shelf broke. At that time the church wasn’t very involved with these “spiritual activities” our local priest was very amused. We did contact a priest who was involved in “deliverance” through the Charasmatic Renewal and he suggested we take holy water and a sprig of evergreen and bless each room saying something like ” Spirit be at rest in the name of Jesus”. We did it and no noises, odors or activities since. The house was torn down in 2007.

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