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Our readers asked:

Why hasn’t my house been sold if I buried a statue of St. Joseph upside down in my backyard?

Mike Hayes Answers:

Burying the statue of St Joseph in your backyard offers no guarantee of the house actually being sold.  What it does offer is that St Joseph will pray for a successful sale of your home.
That sale may just take some time.  Perhaps he is looking for the right buyer, or the right time, or when the economy is better?  Who knows?  But suffice it to say that burying the second statue certainly can’t hurt your chances of it being sold–nor is it something that you shouldn’t do.  Burying the statue upside down is simply an old ritual that people developed themselves and that some have found success with.  But it’s not a magical formula that guarantees a sale–that would mean that we can control God and what God has in mind for us.

The point here is to be mindful of where God is leading you with this sale.  Perhaps God is suggesting that you rent the house and use that as
additional income until a better time and a better housing market exists?  Perhaps God sees you moving back soon?  Or perhaps there is just nobody that can afford to buy it and God is asking you to be mindful of the economic situation that we all are enduring right now.  Perhaps a more practical solution exists for now?

Please know of our prayers for you at this time and we hope that you can sell your home soon.  Be patient and think deeply about other solutions as well.  There may be something else that God has in mind for you at this time.

The Author : Mike Hayes
Mike Hayes is the senior editor for the Googling God section at BustedHalo.com.
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  • Dred

    I am a Catholic man and I have great devotion to Saint Joseph.
    However, this stupidity (the burying an image of any Saint to elicit something for God) is just that: superticious stupidity.

  • Kizam Mazik

    You people know nothing. Where in the bible does it tell us to do this sacrligious ritual? I can tell you where in the bible it tells us not to do this from of sorcery/black magic …..Deuteronomy 18. For those that don’t know, when you practice this ritual, you are invoking the spirit of Satan and his principalities. If you bury St. Joseph upside down and say this prayer (found nowhere in the bible), you are putting a curse on yourself and your entire family. You will get what you deserve as a result. Luckily Jesus already paid for these sins but that doesn’t exclude you from God’s rightous wrath/fury.

    Check yourself before God recks yourself.

    Glory be to God.

    • chino_latino

      ^wreck(s) yo self…

  • Guest

    Well, first of all you don’t bury him in the backyard, that’s a staying place. He goes in the front yard. Second, you don’t just bury him, you have to pray and

  • madhu

    Its a sin..Pls dont bury the statue only pray to him to sell a property…he will definately answer u..as he answered me..Thank u and can call me on my mobile for more details 9953642175

  • Tommy

    That’s like asking why haven’t I found a higher-paying job after turning the couch cushions upside down. There’s no connection.

  • Scott

    Buried a St Joseph Statue after house on market for 60 days and almost exactly 30 days later, had our first offer. 2 days before the inspection, the statue was found “unearthed” possibly by an animal? The deal busted 2 days later! Although reburied the original statue, purchased another, followed the ritual, buried and “covered with rock” so animal couldnot dig up. Next morning rock was moved, it was dug up and “standing right side up”! Reburied again in back yard with Garden “angel statuary on top….not one preview or call since (2 weeks now) Coincidence?!

  • Jay

    Pope John Paul II said, “Devotions to the saints, expressed in feast days, images, processions and so many other forms of piety, should not be reduced to merely seeking protection of material goods or bodily health. The saints must first of all be presented to the faithful as models of how to live and as imitators of Christ. Pastors must ensure that the practices do not degenerate into false piety, superstition or magic.” Burying a statue of St. Joseph is, at best, silly, and at worst, superstitious magic.

  • Phil Cates

    You have a wonderful site, and I couldn’t agree with you more regarding your take on the St. Joseph tradition. As you mentioned, this medieval practice dates back 500 years and for the most was past along by word of mouth.

    I found out about St. Joseph in 1990 when friends told of how St. Joe sold their home after being on the market without an offer. Their first attempt of summoning a little divine intervention failed, because unbeknownst to them, they mistakenly put the wrong saint on the job-Saint Christopher. Discovering the error, they unearthed the imposter saint, cleaned it up, and traded it in at the Catholic book store for the correct guy-St. Joseph. One week later, a full price offer. I thought if my friends were confused, perhaps others were also not sure how the whole St. Joe thing worked, so I created the first St. Joseph home selling kit with the history of the tradition along with complete instructions.

    Full confession, for the first few years I wasn’t 100% convinced of the magical powers behind St. Joseph. Nearly 20 years of talking with tens of thousands of people that have purchased St. Joe from us at StJosephStatue.com, I have come to understand what I believe to be the power of this fabulous ritual.

    St. Joseph implants a little hope in us; and we could all us some hope during these trying times hope. St. Joe also acts as an empowerment tool allowing us to think outside ourselves and connect with a greater divine consciousness. St. Joseph represents the moral high ground. Yes home-sellers want to sell, but I believe not just any old buyer is going to cut it for St. Joseph. A real estate transaction should be a win-win for buyer and seller, not just a one way street. Until that combination is achieved the property won’t sell. And, as you said, there maybe future unforeseen events that trump ones wishes of today. Relax and have faith it will all work out.

    • Donnell

      I have my house up for sale I put St. Joseph in the ground, I thought I sold my house took St. Joseph out and the house did not sell. Now I am 800 miles away and cannot go rebury St. Joseph is there any way I can bury him where I am now please help

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