How does one pick Bible readings for a Catholic wedding?

(CNS photo by Debbie Hill)
(CNS photo by Debbie Hill)
At a Catholic service, the presiding priest or a member of the parish staff will provide a list of scripture readings from the lectionary from which the couple may choose. The suggestions will include options for both Old and New Testament readings. If the couple has a preference for other biblical texts that are meaningful to them or have a particular significance in their lives, the presider may allow those instead.

The couple is encouraged to reflect on what they feel called to in their lives together and to choose readings that will encourage, console, strengthen and/or challenge them in their calling. Readings that remind them of God’s promise of love and faithfulness in their journey together are also encouraged.

A wonderful anniversary tradition that some couples adopt is to re-read the texts from their wedding ceremony and reflect on how they still speak to them in their current life situation.