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Our readers asked:

What did Jesus have to say about homosexuality?

Ann Naffziger Answers:

(CNS photo courtesy Catholic Communication Campaign)

If you were to read all four gospels thoroughly in search of Jesus’ teachings on homosexuality it would be a futile endeavor. Not only would you come to the end of the gospels without finding anything attributed to Jesus on the subject, you wouldn’t even find a single reference to the issue in any context.

In fact, there are only a handful of references to homosexuality in the entire Bible, but they are found in the Old Testament and Paul’s writings. (To put it in perspective, while there are only seven references to homosexuality, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of references to economic justice and the laws governing the accumulation and distribution of wealth.)

Jesus’ silence on the subject suggests that an issue which can be controversial and/or fraught with emotion these days was simply not a central issue in his lifetime 2,000 years ago in the land of Palestine. The fact that he didn’t address this issue leaves us all to ponder what he might say were he here today.

The Author : Ann Naffziger
Ann Naffziger is a scripture instructor and spiritual director in the San Francisco Bay area. She has has written articles on spirituality and theology for various national magazines and edited several books on the Hebrew Scriptures.
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  • RealAmericanPatriot

    This page is pointless and slanted. As the moderators here are actually afraid to post peoples perfectly
    respectable arguments there is actually no way to have a productive
    debate because the moderators are editing the discussion in order to
    lead it to the conclusion they want.

    • jose gonzalez

      Why you so angry? Religion is a PERSONAL belief. For Jesus said “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” Not our fault you have to see to believe! In the end we both believe in this vast being that happened out of no where( our god, your big bang) difference is if we’re right we get to live forever. If your right you die forever! :) I hope you feel so good about yourself about being right when your in eternal sleep, forgotten forever.

      • RealAmericanPatriot

        If you are wrong, which all evidence supports. You waste the ONLY life you get following fairy tales. Believing things which are not true and ramming your religion down others throats forcing me to subsidize your belief in fair tales and the support you provide to hateful and crazy clerics that have righteously wreaked untold havoc and misery in the name of a fictitious god.

        What is the difference between you and me. You disbelieve in every god man ever created except for one. I take the last step and disbelieve in that one because there is no credible evidence to support such an enormous claim.

        There is a mountain of evidence supporting the big bang.

        Where did god come from? Who created god and where did he live before he created everything?

        Did you ever notice that the bible focuses on a land area only 150 or so miles in diameter. Pretty small understanding for an awesome god who created an entire universe that is over 10 billion light years across. Odd isn’t that. He didn’t even know about the rest of the world. Such a small god. If that is not a problem for you, you are not able to think critically.

      • Shuaib Yunus Soni

        The Bible was not meant to be a Scientific account of the entire universe. It was meant to be a Testament, a means to propagate the doctrine of Christ. The ‘mountain’ of evidence you claim exists for the Big Bang, well, I know for a fact that you cannot verify that. You said that knowing no one here would know any better. Well, I do. Yes, there is much research and experimentation that can stand for the THEORY of the Big Bang, yet fundamentally, both Christianity and the Big Bang remain merely theories for the phenomenon of existence. Where did God come from? Is that relevant? If God for an anonymous-to-us purpose did not reveal such information, does that make him illogical and non-existent? Who created God and where did he live before he created everything? Well, answer this, if an answer cannot be found, does that make the subject non-existent? I honestly don’t see why God needed to have revealed all this. If our purpose here on earth is to be tested, then such questions would be irrelevant to us – and thus God needn’t have answered them. Why does God kill babies? Earthly death is no punishment in Christianity – its a blessing. IF the baby is to await paradise – then why should it complain? I AM NOT justifying the murder or death of infants – I’m just showing you the balance that God has made. One sins by murdering a child and faces damnation, yet the child will be granted paradise. God cannot sin. God does not kill, at least not by his own definitions. Death for us means leaving this world, death for Him means no longer existing. God allows people to ‘die’ so that we can enter the afterlife. Man kills for his own ends. Its not the act itself thats ‘bad’ its the motive, the ‘trying to play God’ thats bad. God can judge – because God is without sin. Why does the bible focus on such a small area? Well, what if, say God focused on an entire super cluster? How would that change anything? Would daily weather reports or records of the complete lack of activity on Venus have excited you into theism? I think not. Further more, the Bible was meant to be applicable to people of all times. Back then talk of galaxies would sound nonsensical. I believe a scientific account of the universe would have been unnecesary if the Bible the way it was could and evidently did impact people thousands of years later.Another question, just because God didn’t mention an understanding of the universe, does that mean he didn’t have a one, or in this case an absolute one? IF one writes a book on cows does that necessarily mean he has no knowledge of donkeys? The purpose of the Bible was met by it being what it was, i.e a testament with limited geographical references. It STILL showed the love of God. It STILL dictated the LAW of God, It StILL Showed the story of Christ. WHAT more do you seek? More testimonies to slander? If you would not believe one, you will not believe a thousand. ____________________________ Now, ill address the first paragraph of your post. You said one would have wasted their lives being a theist if no God exists. Well, to debate this we need not even consider the existence of a God. Definitively, purpose is self-given, if I tell myself that my purpose in life is to suck tree-bark everyday, then by doing so I can achieve real and true fullfillment and contentment knowing that my purpose in life is being fulfilled. In this case, people following a religion can remain content in purposefulness whether or not God exists – they will be content, and thus their lives would not have been wasted. Unless of course u define a ‘waste’ as everything you personally disapprove. Lastly, don’t blame a religion for the stupid/vile/cruel acts of its followers.

      • RealAmericanPatriot

        You apparently need more education on what a Scientific Theory is. The Big Bang is not a theory, like an opinion, it is a Scientific Theory.

        There are mountains of Peer Reviewed evidence supporting the hypothesis of the Big Bang which have elevated it to the level of “Scientific Theory”. If at any point evidence is found that disproves the Big Bang then the Scientific Theory will be discarded.

        Scientific Theory is the highest level of scrutiny that is possible in science. It is not a belief or an opinion. It is based on countless peer observations and evidence which all points to the Scientific Theory being valid and correct. A Hypothesis that cannot survive this level of scrutiny is NOT a Scientific Theory.

        Stop trying to pass yourself off as though you know science. You quite clearly do not.

      • Shuaib Yunus Soni

        I agree … But, let’s not ignore that a theory is not tantamount to absolute truth. A theory is a model, an explanation. For any question, there is an infinite number of experiments (due to endless variables that can be changed) that can be performed – thus, if 10 000 results comply with a theory, i.e. a model/explanation – this STILL does not make it absolute truth. Scientists greater than ourselves have asserted that there is potential for varying outcomes in any one repeated experiment / simply put, nothing is absolutely certain. That said, ANY theory risks the possibility of utter falsehood. While 10 000 results may comply with it, 1 000 000 000 results YET TO BE FOUND may comply with another. The ‘mountains’ of peered reviewed ‘evidence’ you claim are merely figures that would fit in with the model of the Big Bang, calculations that comply with a timeline propagated by The Big Bang – this is not conclusive evidence, these are figures that COULD fit in with any number of other theories. There is much less direct proof that a Big Bang has occurred. Although, through this all, I can tell you’re under the delusion that being a theist automatically means you disregard The Big Bang. I do not. My point was, as you can verify to check Im being consistent, is that there is no ‘mountain’ of evidence, just evidence. And through it all, no theory is above the risk of falsehood.

      • RealAmericanPatriot

        Please provide even a single non-circular logic, re-producable piece of evidence for your god that I or anyone else can replicate or reproduce consistently?

      • Shuaib Yunus Soni

        Please read my extremely long reply to one of your earlier posts. CONTINUING from that post: If God made himself apparent enough to be evidenced, there would be no need for faith. As we are here to be tested for faith, then God making himself apparent would contradict the point of a test.

      • RealAmericanPatriot

        Also since you brought it up. I also need you to define “absolute truth” and provide me an example of it that we can examine.

      • Secondary Student

        Absolute truth is constant, universal, and is beyond human power.

      • RealAmericanPatriot

        Most of your ramblings are filled with inconsistencies too numerous to even begin to address. You utilize special pleading all through your “justification” for the existence of god. There is absolutely no logic in anything you believe. Same as other fairy tales.

      • Shuaib Yunus Soni

        I challenge you to point out my illogic. If indeed you see illogic, then you should be perfectly capable of pointing them out.

      • George

        What is all the evidence you refer to that proves that the existence of one God is impossible and not true? I sure don’t know that anyone has proven God doesn’t exist.
        You mention the Big Bang. Yes, we can trace back all the matter in the Universe to one point in time when everything in the Universe was smaller than the the tip of a needle, and then something happened, and then the Universe exploded and started to expand. What happened before the Big Bang? Did someone trigger that event? If no one triggered it, then how did it happen? The short answer is that no one knows how the Big Bang was triggered and whether someone triggered it. So no one can prove that there is or isn’t a creator.

        The Christians and Catholics that I associate with don’t ram their religion down anyone’s throat. So I don’t get where you are coming from with your accusation that this is happening. If anything, what I see is a lot of people hiding behind some lame excuses to suppress religious expression behind things like the separation of church and state and other concepts which were ironically instituted such that there would be more freedom of religion, not more religious suppression.

        On your comment on your taxes subsidizing our religion. How do you claim that is happening? There is clearly no state funding of any religious activity as this is illegal. On the other hand, I pay a lot of taxes and some of it is used to pay for abortions and other things that are against my religious belief. So if anything, religious people are subsidizing the practices of the unbeliever.

        You ask: “Where did God come from? Who created God and where did he live before he created everything?” We don’t know, do you? Lack of proof is not evidence of anything in itself.

        Yes, I noticed the Bible focuses on the Jews at first on a small piece of land. God chose them first, then He expanded His plan to include the Gentiles too. So what? I guess you would have done it different, but you are not God so you don’t get to decide. You state that God didn’t know about the rest of the world; how do you know that? The Bible doesn’t claim to contain all the information that God is aware of, so just because the Bible doesn’t include information regarding other parts of the world that is not proof that God was not aware of the rest of the world. The Bible is not meant to be an Encyclopedia of all knowledge known to God. The Bible is His message to us where He expresses His divine law.

        God killed some people throughout the history of the Bible. You should be aware that babies do not have sin, and therefore will go straight to Heaven. Some claim there is original sin, but that is not supported in Scripture in my opinion. We have a sin nature, but sin itself requires us willingly and knowingly doing something wrong which a baby cannot do. I’d gladly die this second if God calls me to Heaven by the way.

        In conclusion, God is wise enough not to install a theocracy so people like yourself can have the freedom to chose whether they believe in Him or not. You cannot experience love without freedom and He knows that. However, why do you care how other people “waste” their life? If some choose to believe, so be it.
        There is no scientific proof for or against the existence of God. But if anything, we know that for something to move, there needs to be a mover, and this is how it always is in our Universe. So the Big Bang is by no means proof that God doesn’t exist, it just shows how He actually created the Universe.

  • diana

    God has said a lot about sex and that is that sex is for marriage between a man and a woman.

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