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Our readers asked:

What does the Vatican’s acceptance of Anglican priests mean for Catholics?

James Martin, SJ Answers:

Editor’s Note:  For an answer this week, BustedHalo® turns to America Magazine and Fr. James Martin for his take on Anglicans and Catholics:

The Author : James Martin, SJ
James Martin SJ is the culture editor of America magazine the national Catholic Weekly published by the Jesuits. He is the author of numerous books including My Life with the Saints and The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything but is perhaps best known as "chaplain" to The Colbert Report due to his frequent appearances on the show.
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  • Brianna Hernandez

    Whatever it’s all the same to me who cares Anglican Catholic and orthodox just some asshole just wanted to confuse everybody cause he didn’t want his wife anymore it was the one king Henry the eighth I think who screwed everything up oh about pogutary I think the Catholic church being little soft it’s only heaven or hell let’s leave to God to decide your fate that’s what I belive no need to write versus of the bible cause seriously anyone back then could of made it up

  • Steve


    I think you are little confused about purgatory. This short little explanation will describe Catholic teaching on the matter, as well as its scriptural roots: http://www.catholic.com/library/Purgatory.asp

    Like “Trinity,” the word “purgatory” is not in scripture, though it is alluded to in several places, 1 Cor 3:15 being the most direct.

    To paraphrase the link, Paul describes the judgment where a man’s work is judged. If a righteous man‚Äôs work fails the test, Paul writes that “He will suffer loss, though he himself will be saved, but only as through fire” (1 Cor 3:15). Now this loss, this penalty, can‚Äôt refer to to hell because the saved don’t go to hell. Alternatively, Paul can’t be talking about heaven either, since there is no suffering (“fire”) there.

    So what is this process where saved people suffer loss? Catholics call it purgatory.

  • Julie Huber

    Where in the Bible does it state that Catholics will go to Purgatory? Pls quote chapter and verse. Thank you. (So, one would assume that Purgatory is a Catholic place where everyone is waiting for the final judgment. All Catholics, except for nuns and priests, will end up in Purgatory as if it’s a country. Pls tell me where in the Bible it says that all Catholics go there when they die.)

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