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Our readers asked:

Why are So Many People Who Ask Questions in Catholic Forums Like This So Concerned About “Pelvic” Issues and So Oblivious to Questions of Social Justice?

Richard G. Malloy, SJ Answers:

It seems to me that God is much more concerned with what happens in our board rooms than in our bedrooms. Billions on this planet live in poverty. Most Americans have no awareness of how money is really distributed in our country.
Our faith clearly states concern for the poor and economic justice is central to our faith.

Here are three quotes from the Catechism:

“There also exist sinful inequalities that affect millions of men and women. These are in open contradiction of the Gospel” (CCC #1938).

“Solidarity is manifested in the first place by distribution of goods and remuneration for work. It also presupposes the effort for a more just social order…” (CCC #1940).

“The equal dignity of human persons requires the effort to reduce excessive social and economic inequalities” (CCC #1947).

That said, sex is not unimportant and it’s power always grasps us by nature of our human weakness. Sex often leads to social inequalities as in issues of Human Trafficking and Pornography. So we should watch our sinful behavior in all matters and strive to live lives of holiness in all matters, not merely one over another.

The Author : Richard G. Malloy, SJ
Richard G. Malloy, S.J., Ph.D., is Vice President for University Ministries, the University of Scranton, Scranton, PA, and author of A Faith That Frees (Orbis Books).
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  • Frank Jackson

    My question; Why did Fr. Malloy not answer the question? To state ” .. sex is not unimportant .. nature of our human weakness … leads to social inequalities” seems woefully insufficient.

    I think people ask less about Social Justice because overall people’s consciences already tell them what the proper thing is to do.

    I think they ask more about Pelvic Issues because the same consciences tell them what is morally acceptable but they fear the guilt dished out by Catholicism.

    So — my answer is to not ask either question.

    “Follow your conscience” is an acceptable Catholic practice. Do so and not only will you have not sinned per Catholic doctrine, but you will be free of guilt and ready to tackle the Social Justice issues head-on.

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