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June 21st, 2013
What is the Church’s teaching on single people adopting?

While the Church doesn’t have an official teaching on this topic, it is the policy of Catholic Charities to place adoptive children with single adults. Criteria taken into account include a person’s physical and mental health, ability to provide a stable and loving home environment, personal references, and extensive background checks. Although a two-parent home is the ideal, the Church recognizes that single people can offer children in crisis the love, stability, and support they need to flourish. Single folks willing to raise an adoptive child deserve our respect, encouragement, and prayers! If you are single (or married) and interested in learning more about Catholic adoption, check out Catholic Charities in your diocese.

from Caitlin Kennell Kim and the Busted Halo Question Box


Today’s homework assignment: Celebrate the children in your life! Do something special for your own children or send a card or small gift to your nieces/nephews, godchild, or other children in your life. You might also make a donation or plan to volunteer with children at your parish or an organization in your community (think Vacation Bible School or summer camp).

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