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June 27th, 2013
What is the significance of mountains in the Bible?

Mountains are mentioned more than 500 times in the Bible. While they have a significant symbolic value, mountains first and foremost were part of the physical landscape of biblical times. So, put your climbing gear in your pack, click the image below to make it bigger and let’s head out on a hike through the mountains of the Bible!


Click image to open or download the PDF.

Also see the previous answer in the Busted Halo Question Box.


Today’s homework assignment: Make a plan to hike or take a long walk very soon. If you are unable to, try some sort of physical activity outside where you can take time to revel in the beauty and mystery of nature and God's creation.

Summer school is over for this year, so no more prizes -- thanks for participating! Keep suggesting questions of faith for the Busted Halo Question Box by emailing them to questionbox@bustedhalo.com or filling out this form.

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