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June 5th, 2012
Do Catholics believe in evolution or are they fundamentalists?

Catholics are not fundamentalists. They do not consider the Bible to be a history book, a biography, and certainly not a science textbook. The Catholic Church gives credence to both sound scientific theory and religious interpretations of the origins of the world. Moreover, the church has often encouraged dialogue between science and religion. For example, the Vatican Observatory was designed to keep the church on the cutting edge of modern scientific thought. Fr. George Coyne, SJ, the former director of the observatory, tells us we need to be careful about defining religious belief as science: “Scientific evolution is the best scientific explanation we have of the aging of the universe and ourselves coming to be in the universe.”

Watch the video to find out more about the Catholic Church’s view on evolution as well as the intersection of science and faith.


Today’s homework assignment: Watch this video and share it on your Facebook wall (or in an e-mail to your friends) to share an interesting fact about Catholics and the Bible.

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  • Devin Nguyen

    The video explains how God exists and how He is a major part of our lives. Science is essential so that the human race can learn more about their vast home world and through extensive research and studies provide the formulas of curing illnesses and sorts. Faith plays a role, however, when discovering the purpose of life. To have “spontaneously” evolved actually demonizes us to that of animals. Faith is important since God has given us the intelligence to discover unseen things in the world, allows us to have a sense of conscience, and gave us the gift of beauty and perfection. Through faith we have the reliability on our Creator who indeed answers the prayers of people who put all of their trust into Him, and through Him we have the guidance and intelligence to physically help the world.

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