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Dante’s Trivia Inferno

Object: To advance from Earth to Heaven while avoiding Hell by answering a series of questions related to the Catholic Church and faith.


  1. You start on Earth and attempt to move up to Heaven via Dante’s elevator by answering three questions in each of five different skill level categories. For each skill level you complete you advance one floor closer to Heaven.
  2. A correct answer in any level will advance you to the next question. Three correct questions in a row will move you to the next floor. Miss a question on any floor at any time and you sink down a floor.
  3. Should you miss a question while on the first level, you sink to Hell and the game will end. You can always resume the game later. There are two “spiritual lifeline” buttons that you may use to skip any question on any level except the final level. When you’ve used both, you are on your own.
  4. If you’re lucky enough to enter Heaven, be sure to post your name with our other heavenly winners below.
  • http://www.adoroergosum.blogspot.com/ Nathan718

    Question: “True or False the Church of England has women priests.”

    Answer: “False. The Church of England has NO priests. Ever hear of Apostolicae Curae?

  • http://www.adoroergosum.blogspot.com/ Nathan718

    Question: “A Christian ritual where water is poured over someone to SYMBOLIZE the washing away of sins is called?”

    Answer: A heretical interpretation of baptism.

  • Mike

    When Saint Clare was too ill to attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass,
    the Holy Spirit would project the Holy Mass on the wall of her room so
    that she could watch it from her bed.

    snicker snicker

  • Ginny Hall

    Woo hoo! Fun game–thanks!

  • Dean Sarnecki

    I quite enjoyed this game – got to heaven in 10 minutes…missed two on the way. Not for those who have no background but if you ate a bit of a church trivia addict like myself I enjoyed!

  • margot

    I wish there were a way to share this game on Facebook.

  • Steve O’Sullivan


    • Ginny Hall


  • Blake

    I have been playing this for the last couple of weeks. I finally made it to heaven and did it without lifelines or google. I feel like I am in the actual heaven!

  • Steven Young

    I goggled my way to Heaven too. This game is impossible otherwise, and I got my MA from Steubenville. It took me nearly 2 hours to play it straight through after going to hell twice. I think some of these questions are irrelevant and ridiculous, even considering other faiths. It was so frustrating, im not sure if I will recommend it to my Newman Club students. Hard is one thing, this was….well, irrelevant and ridiculous are the best words to describe 1 in 10 of these questions.

    • Stephen

      I disagree. I have my BA in Theology from a Protestant University. I am Catholic, but it took me a half hour to get to heaven, even though I did go to hell twice. I didn’t use Google even though I wanted to. This game is possible with a moderate amount of knowledge. Being well rounded in ones knowledge is very important.

  • Rachael Irani

    Hey reached heaven quite a few times but i guess my achievement shall remain unacknowledged!!!!!!!!!

  • Barbara

    I often get to the Divine level then the programme won’t show me any more questions, so I can’t move up to Heaven! What’s happening?

  • J. Diane Van Ornam

    Fun faith formation!

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