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Dante’s Trivia Inferno

Object: To advance from Earth to Heaven while avoiding Hell by answering a series of questions related to the Catholic Church and faith.


  1. You start on Earth and attempt to move up to Heaven via Dante’s elevator by answering three questions in each of five different skill level categories. For each skill level you complete you advance one floor closer to Heaven.
  2. A correct answer in any level will advance you to the next question. Three correct questions in a row will move you to the next floor. Miss a question on any floor at any time and you sink down a floor.
  3. Should you miss a question while on the first level, you sink to Hell and the game will end. You can always resume the game later. There are two “spiritual lifeline” buttons that you may use to skip any question on any level except the final level. When you’ve used both, you are on your own.
  4. If you’re lucky enough to enter Heaven, be sure to post your name with our other heavenly winners below.
  • April Reis

    Made it to Heaven! It would be great if it would give you the corect answers if you miss it.

  • M Raffaele

    Made it to heaven, submitted but it did not register. It seems from the comments that this is common.

  • DeliaC

    Fun and challenging. I’m disapointed that the questions don’t update. Where are other Catholic trivia games online?

  • Deep Thought

    I made it to heaven but adding the name to the roster was not working.

  • Cheryl

    I made it!

  • John T.

    John T.: Fun game. Lots of incidental learning in finding the answers. I guess that’s what a lot of the game is about. I made it to “heaven”, but also unable to submit my name to the Cloud Nine Club. The submit button is not an active icon.

  • Jason G

    Still can’t add your name to the Cloud 9 club once you get to Heaven. Functionality broken?

  • Steve

    Excellent game, if it were only that easy to get to heaven

  • Steve P

    Good clean fun, and nothing wrong with having stuff about other faiths. I agree with Shannon on that one. And relax– it’s a game! You don’t really go to hell if you don’t know that Madonna embraces Kabballah. No one will know if you have to google for a few answers! Finally, yes, more updating would be great. Certainly no shortage of material.

  • AJDS

    I’m very wary of the fact that this game has so many questions about Scientology. That is not a legitimate “faith.” It’s a commercial cult, and we should be not legitimizing it.

  • Nancy

    I finally made it to heaven but..My score 390 wouldn’t submit. I like this game and think would be nice if updated and changed every few months. I have always looked for catholic games or saint cames. Think it would be great to have a catholic game site of different games.

  • Sr Gayle

    Mine would not submit either.

  • SarahB

    Made it to Heaven- Fun game!

  • M&K

    Me and my mom both made it to heaven and when we clicked submit it just turned yellow and didn’t post

  • Denise

    Whew!!! Finally made it! It is actually a clever learning tool, as well. Very worthwhile, and fun.

  • Alice

    It would be nice if the game would give correct answers when you’ve answered incorrectly :)

  • Shannon Stowe

    Think about the life of St. Paul (the Paulists run this site if I’m not mistaken). St. Paul was the apostle to the Gentiles, often using what he knew of foreign faiths to bring people to Christianity. So, it is perfectly understandable that there would be questions about other faiths. Similar thinking also explains the pop culture questions. How do you talk to a young person about The Faith? It’s a hard game, but well worth the time and trouble.

  • Mary

    I can tell you most anything you want to know about the Catholic Church
    but not Islam
    So I keep ending up in the pits of Hell
    So what is this game about again ?
    I egt to heaven by learning about Islam ?

  • S.E.C.

    After many tries, I got to “Heaven”. The questions about TV and movies and questions involving exact historical dates almost always messed me up.

  • R.N.

    What do Barbra Streisand and “My Name is Earl” have to do with the Catholic Church and faith? FAIL.

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