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Dante’s Trivia Inferno

Object: To advance from Earth to Heaven while avoiding Hell by answering a series of questions related to the Catholic Church and faith.


  1. You start on Earth and attempt to move up to Heaven via Dante’s elevator by answering three questions in each of five different skill level categories. For each skill level you complete you advance one floor closer to Heaven.
  2. A correct answer in any level will advance you to the next question. Three correct questions in a row will move you to the next floor. Miss a question on any floor at any time and you sink down a floor.
  3. Should you miss a question while on the first level, you sink to Hell and the game will end. You can always resume the game later. There are two “spiritual lifeline” buttons that you may use to skip any question on any level except the final level. When you’ve used both, you are on your own.
  4. If you’re lucky enough to enter Heaven, be sure to post your name with our other heavenly winners below.
  • Bridget

    Love it! Thank you for so many new questions…

  • Doug

    Hey…I made it to Heaven, but my name was not inscribed among the elect. What gives? I even answered the Scientology questions correctly and new that Barbara Streisand was Jewish!

  • Bob G.

    At least give us the correct answer when we miss a question. How else do we learn?

  • Steve

    After spending an embarrassingly long time on this, I finally made it!

  • Jim

    Hate to be the nerd here, but Jerome was most certainly not the *first* to translate the Bible into Latin. He was commissioned by the pope to create a normative translation in place of the many competing ones available at the time. In addition to doing considerable work with the original languages, he did have access to previous versions, most notably the so-called “Old Latin” translation. Also, he didn’t quite finish this enormous project single-handedly. (I’m just bitter I got a few wrong… ;-)

  • The Bowles

    The Bowles family made it to Heaven we submited and nothing happend.

  • Daniel Harla

    I finally made it after trying for about 45 min.

  • Katy

    Like Mike Z., I Googled my way to Heaven as well!

  • george

    man that is fun i won 20 times

  • chuck

    What do these questions have to do with being saintly? I do not worship budda or place any gods before the Lord Yahway and his only son Jesus, who is the way, the truth and the light. Your, so called, quiz is bogus and has no bearing on where I’ll spend eternity, but it says a lot about you. Very disappointing…

  • Max Lindenman

    I just went to hell five times in a single afternoon. How many people can say that?

  • Sarah

    I have now won twice! I won earlier with some help from google, but won a second time on my own, with different questions… I’m pretty psyched… Great game… and extremely addicting.

  • Mike Z.

    I confess… I Googled my way to heaven.

  • Karen Louise

    Great game and learned some great facts along the way. I made it to Heaven but could not submit my score. :-(

  • Allyn

    I was finally able to to get to heaven. I went to hell several times before making it. I think I’ll play some more.

  • patricia gray

    You get to heaven by loving other people, Mary. A part of loving other people is understanding them. So, you should understand the similarities and the differences between faiths. And, RN, understanding pop culture helps you minister to all people, as Jesus did, meeting them where they are. This game is a definite PASS. Pati

  • Raymond

    Finally made it, however I have to confess that I used ask.com and New Advent websites. My name would post either….like I said before, I’m glad God doesn’t work this way!

  • Raymond

    Boy, I am glad that God doesn’t work this way!

  • Dan

    yea i just made it wow that was good

  • Sue


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