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November 28th, 2015

Advent in Two Minutes


Not sure about the relationship between Advent and Christmas? You thought they were the same thing? Check out Busted Halo’s® two-minute video that describes why we celebrate Advent and wait to celebrate Christmas.

And visit Busted Halo’s® Advent Surprise Calendar for a Daily Jolt and microChallenge that will give your Advent more meaning. And enter to win prizes in our Advent Giveaway!

To download this video go here and click the download arrow or choose save or download.

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  • Zach

    What Editor did you use?

  • http://www.facebook.com/katie.ketterick Katie Ketterick

    Is there a way to download and show to our parish. No wifi at the church.

    • http://bustedhalo.com/author/joe-williams Joe from Busted Halo

      Hi Katie – is a link above in the body text. Just right-click and choose “Save As…”

  • Joe Hochdorfer

    I heard you talking about a parish who used on line courses and met once a month for confirmation prep. Can I get more info on this, my CCD director is very interested.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Father.Matt.Russick Father-Matt Russick

    Well done once again. Thanks for posting the “2-Minute” series. They’re informative, fun, & content-solid. God bless!

  • Veronica

    Love the 2-minute videos y’all post for some of the seasons…this one is really great! Even though the focus of Busted Halo is on young adults, I’ve found good information that I carry over into my personal faith life, and into my volunteer work as a CCE teacher. Looking forward to the Advent calendar!!

  • Barbara Wheeler

    Hi Bernadette! The video is working on our end. Here’s a direct link to it on our YouTube page — you can try to view it there, too.

  • Bernadette Whelan

    I keep getting the message that advent in 2 minutes video is currently unavailable. is this a problem from my end, or has the video been romoved?

  • joe from BustedHalo

    Hi Emily and wwwchrisde – Thanks for watching our videos! Yes, After Effects, Final Cut Pro and guidance from the Holy Spirit are the main tools we utilize for these. Go out and make some videos and send them to us and perhaps we can showcase your talents. Cheers!

  • wwwchrisde

    Like Emnily I very much enjoyed the video and would like to create a vidio with this technique but don’t know wich program to use – is it After Effects or an other Program? It seems like very professional software – Would like to know more about it

  • Emily

    I love this video! Very great message and so neatly packaged. I am wondering how this video was created – was it a certain program? Would love to do something similar.

  • Andie

    unevenly yolked refers to believing in God/Jesus/Holy Spirit or not believing and Catholic is not in the Bible. Neither is Lutheran Protestant etc

  • Mary

    Loved this. How can we show this to our RCIA candidates?

  • mary

    Think twice before marrying a non-Catholic. It is difficult to be unevenly yolked. It confuses the kids and sends them off to other religions.

  • joe from Busted Halo

    Hey, everyone – love the discussion here about Marriage and Confirmation. for more info on these, as well as the rest of the sacraments, visit our Sacrament 101 page with videos on all 7: bustedhalo.com/sacraments101

  • Kathleen Klavon

    Actually. You do not have to be Catholic to marry a non-Catholic. That being said, if one is looking to be confirmed because they were not confirmed as a child, one can attend RCIA and do it that way – it takes a year to attend the classes and really is a wonderful introduction into the faith as an adult. I made my first communion in the Catholic church, but was never confirmed. I became confirmed as a young adult and it the most profound experience of my life!

  • Faith Richardson

    Love it! Thanks so much!

  • Jim Adamson

    i enjoyed this.

  • Chris

    Nicholas – It depends… Only if he is looking to get married in the Catholic Church. Gotta be Catholic to be married as one ;) I highly suggest you help him find a local Catholic Campus Ministry where he goes to college. Also, helping him to learn how to ask a priest these questions will be crucial for his development as a Catholic. Best of luck! :)

    Also LOVED this Advent in 2 minutes! Very engaging!

  • nicholas J.

    Advent in two minutes was good. I found it a little hard to keep up with the reads, before the page changes. nice job though!!

  • nicholas J.

    Hi, was inquiring about a question my 19yo grandson asked me?.Is it necessary to be confirmed before getting married? Right now, he’s experiencing his first year of collage. need I say more!! thanks for listening.

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