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#16 Meet Deacon Jack Orlandi

The gang stop by Penn State University before Kate and Sam fight it out.

#15 Meet Steve Bauer and Dustin Rhodes

Steve and Dustin discuss their love for Busted Halo and where Steve finds God.


#14 Shiloh smells bears.

The gang encounter a bump in the road and bears near their campsite.

#13 Busted Halo cofounder Fr. Brett Hoover, CSP

Fr. Brett fills us in on what he’s up to.

#12 Meet Fr. Al Moser, CSP

Father Al discusses what drew him to become a priest after serving in WWII.

#11 Meet Jack Liu

Jack shows Brittany around UC Berkeley’s campus and talks about being Catholic in Taiwan and where he finds God.

#10 Two words: clown motel

Brittany and the gang get lost in Nevada and pass by the pure nightmare of a clown motel.

#9 Meet Gina Zaccagnini

A FOCUS missionary talks about the challenges she faces as a young adult returning to her faith.

#8 Meet Adam Rose

Brittany talks with Adam Rose about where he finds God and how he found Busted Halo.

#7 Story vs. Reality

Samuel struggles with false advertising. And driving, always with the driving!

#6 – Meet Jacob Laskowski

A FOCUS minister at Bradley University talks about his progression as a Catholic and the Joy of his life.

#5 – Supermarket stray

Brittany and Samuel debate what to do with a stray dog in Indiana.

#4 – Yom Kippur and action figures

Samuel’s mom talks about her personal experience with the Day of Atonement. Brittany searches for Father Dave in plastic form.

#3 – Meet Mikaella Miller

Brittany talks to the Busted Halo fan about where she finds God and how she found Busted Halo.

#2 – On the road

Brittany and the gang head to Cleveland where they encounter traffic, Samuel playing dead and an angry dog as they arrive at Brittany’s parent’s house.

#1 – Meet the crew

Busted Halo® heads out from its headquarters in NYC to meet and greet our friends across the country.

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Music in video is ©1994–2006 Derek K. Miller.