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September 18th, 2015

Street Seekers: The San Gennaro Festival


Fr. Steven Bell, CSP, makes his video debut (and eats a lot of sausage and peppers) while celebrating the San Gennaro Festival in New York’s Little Italy. The festival, which celebrates the patron saint of the people of Naples, is well known as one of the largest religious street festivals in the United States. 

San Gennaro, a.k.a. St. Januarius, was an Italian bishop martyred in 305 AD.  His remains were brought back to Naples, where he was celebrated for his faithfulness.  When the Napoli people immigrated to New York in 1926, they continued the celebration, which has expanded from a simple afternoon event into what is now an 11-day-long festival of food, fellowship and fun (and once again, a lot of food.)

Join Fr. Steve as he makes his way through the festivities, samples quite a few treats, talks to the locals and discovers the deeper meaning of the feast.

Originally published October 2013

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  • http://www.facebook.com/maryellengalvan Mary Ellen Galvan

    Fr. Steve! So good to find you here- and to discover you connected with this wonderful gift, Busted Halo. I love seeing you enjoying the street food of Little Italy. I went to school there and you brought back some great memories. Miss you and St. Austin’s but am loving living in Corpus Christi and teaching at Incarnate Word Academy- yes, it is as good as that sounds! Maybe you might sneak a visit in someday- we live on the Island and you can fish in our “backyard” Meanwhile, God bless you and your work. You reveal the joy of our faith so exuberantly!! AMEN!

  • Jo Anne Goudeau

    Father Steve, You are truly a positive inspiration and the people of Holy Cross remember you and all say Hello. Continue to spread the good news of God with the wonderful and Blessed Spirit that you have. Your Spirit brought true blessing to our parish. Peace with you and your spirit. Thanks

  • Velma Perez

    Hi, Father Steve:
    It was so great to have you accept my invitation. I finally got out of that mess with Austin ISD, However, I am without a job and living in San Antonio. I saw your video. You add so much. I miss you, but am grateful that more people can enjoy your faith and spirit. Love Velma

  • Veronica

    Love the video!! It makes me excited for our upcoming fall fiesta at my parish!! Fall festivals are a great way to show community spirit and faith!!

  • Audrey

    Fr. Steven is the “real deal!” Spreading joy and the love of Christ everywhere he goes! Great video!

  • Mike Hardy

    Nice work Fr. Steve (and camera-person, editor(s), etc)!

  • Mary Munoz-davis

    I really enjoyed the video Fr. Steve. all the rich diversity enjoying the 11 day long festival. The video was fun and informative. I love the interaction with the young man toward the end where you said to him you will be working on a new Deacon was hilarious. I look forward to seeing more. God Bless you Fr. Steve, The Busted Halo Project and those who are fortunate to hear you witness. Peace and Love from Austin, Texas. Mary and Lo

  • Robert

    How engaging! I think everyone who met you that day came away with a renewed understanding of who priests are and were provoked to dig deeper into the history of San Gennaro.

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