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November 5th, 2012

Video: Voting Catholic


Voting is important. And when elections roll around, there’s always a lot for voters to consider. Different issues are important to different people. However, the Church has never advocated its members to vote for a particular candidate or vote solely on one issue. In fact, Catholics are never single-issue voters. As Catholics our faith helps us sort out the many complicated issues facing us during election years and leads us to an informed decision about which candidate to vote for.

This Busted Halo original video looks at the U.S. Bishops’ guide to Faithful Citizenship — teachings on issues that are important to the Church. As a people of faith, it’s important that we remember we have a moral obligation to uphold, founded in the teachings of Jesus and of the Church. This video and guide will help you make the best possible choice keeping your faith in mind as you vote in this election. Watch it, share it, and vote.

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  • Jeff Merk

    How could sharing this video with anyone help clarify ANYTHING?

    “Preach the gospel always, if necessary, use words.” – St. Francis of Assisi

  • Jeff Merk

    Agree completely with Terri H. This video says nothing more than: The Catholic Church is afraid of offending anyone who doesn’t want to “impose their views” on anyone else.

    Instead, we need to remember the wisdom of the saints.

    “Preach the gospel always, if necessary, use words.” – St. Francis of Assisi

  • Terri H

    How can anyone call themselves a Catholic and yet not be anti-abortion! You can’t be a Catholic and pick and choose your beliefs! To call yourselves Catholic you have to believe ALL the Church ‘s teachings! Dont we call those who dont believe all the church’s teachings, but call themselves Catholics heretics?

    I heard a priest say once that we are contracepting ourselves into sterility and aborting ourselves into oblivion! He couldn’t be more right!

    If all the people who called themselves Catholic actually educated themselves on the teachings of the Church then our country wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place. While neither candidate is perfect or flawless- there is one that is clearly the “lesser of two evils!”

  • Laura W

    Well said, Barbara M. I feel the same way. I’m happy to hear that I’m not alone.. although at times I feel like a bad Catholic for this view.. :(


    Well than obviously Catholics are single issue voters. If they believe in the sanctity of human life than they can only vote for the candidate that feels the same way,which is not President Obama!

  • Barbara M

    I am definitely not a single issue Catholic. While I personally would never have an abortion, I agree with Mr. Biden that I SHOULD NOT impose my beliefs on other Americans, such as atheists.

    It is not politicians jobs to turn Americans to God, it is the churches. It is the poliltician’s job to take care of all of us. I remember women dying at the hands of butchers to have an abortion. That does not exist anymore because of Roe v Wade. But, I will not vote for anyone on that one issue either way, because there are other very important issues to consider in order to save our country. Catholics are not the only Americans, and it is time to stop thinking like we are.

  • Nancy

    If one interrupts the beginning of life, it’s over before any poverty takes place. And who can say that if you are born into poverty, you can never contribute great things to mankind?

  • Sean

    But is there just one life issue? Think about poverty, health care, education, death penalty. To say that abortion trumps them all may not be all that accurate.

  • Mike Hardy

    Confession – if I am brutally honest with a bunch of folks I’ve never met on Busted Halo, I probably am guilty of waving the white flag on this – and I don’t say that happily.

    But I still believe the issue here isn’t whether abortion can be ended but rather whether the candidates we have to chose from are willing and able to make progress on that end. I still believe that answer to be no. I believe the difference between these two candidates is one of lip-service and the record of post Roe republican presidents on this bears that out.

  • Nancy

    This was a pretty useless video. It danced around all the hot buttons and said….”but you decide”. If the sanctity of life isn’t the first priority, then this video implies that the Church lets us make up our own rules. Wouldn’t it be easy to be a Catholic if we made up our commandments. Obeying the fifth commandment would depend on whether we thought poverty, or immigration, or any of the other issues were more important.

  • Brian

    Mike, I disagree with your assertion that no progress can be made in ending abortion. But even if you do believe that, you shouldn’t just wave the white flag! I refuse to give up one inch of ground to the secularists in this battle.

  • mike

    A response to Brian’s question”

    “Mike, are those of us who are pro-life supposed to stomach the idea that a president can support scraping a baby from the uterus and ripping him or her limb from limb out of respect for “choice?”

    Answer: no…and that wasn’t the point. The point is that getting abortion banned is a very tall order and I don’t believe any of the candidates I have an opportunity to vote for will be able to make any progress toward that end.

  • Frank

    Jane K is right on target. How can a devout Catholic vote for a sitting President who has pushed into law anti-Catholic abortion-based mandates? How can a Catholic voter be morally ambiguous about abortion?

  • Brian

    Unless we hold life sacred from conception until natural death, the other issues are all meaningless.

    Mike, are those of us who are pro-life supposed to stomach the idea that a president can support scraping a baby from the uterus and ripping him or her limb from limb out of respect for “choice?”

  • Mike Hardy

    Respect for the right to life belongs at the top of the list but merely “affirming” the right to life (lip service) doesn’t earn a whole lot of points with me. I have no confidence in the will or ability of any of the candidates in any of the races I have to vote on to convince the American people to stomach the idea that government ought to force a woman to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term out of respect for human life (sorry for the lengthy sentence)! That’s how I get past the life issue and move on to the others.

  • LaVonne

    But this party and candidate doesn’t exist, so I don’t see how this helps at all.

  • Tracy GF

    “Catholics are never single-issue voters.” Thank you, thank you.

  • Jamie

    Excellent video! It perfectly raises the scope of ISSUES that all Catholics should thoughtfully and prayerfully consider in voting without being preachy or partisan. EXCELLENT JOB!

  • Karen

    This is a well done video….thanks.

  • Jane K

    Which candidate affirms the right to life? Well seeing as our current president failed to vote against infanticide…the killing of infants that survive late term abortions…and the fact he supports late term abortion…I don’t see how we can move beyond this one issue and even consider the rest of the points.

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