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August 14th, 2015

You Don’t Know Jack… about the Assumption


With the Feast of the Assumption approaching on August 15, we sent our intrepid Paulist priest, friend and colleague, Fr. Jack Collins, CSP, out into New York City to find out the Assumption IQ of citizens on the street.

Music: Kevin MacLeod

Originally published August 13, 2010.

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  • alexis scott

    When people ask when is your birthday? I go Feast of Assumption Many times I get whens that?. But people who know automatically go oh Aug 15th nice. This is an awakening that people arent as close to God and or his teachings Sad thats why we have a crazy world today!

  • Dee

    Where in the Bible does it indicate that Mary was ‘assumed’ into Heaven. Why does a Pope just get to decide what the Church believes? ( November 1950, Pope’s decision to celebrate the Assumption.) What is specific for it to be in August?

  • Carolyn Wright

    Great segment. Father Jack, you are wonderful and very good at interviews of the person on the street.. keep up the good work of evangelization in the highways and byways!!! Awesome!!! I thoroughly enjoyed the segment. Hope for more!!!

  • Little2Catholic

    Excellent video, and I hope you continue the series….

  • Charles Rinek

    That was really great! I enjoy his jovial humor and his fun approach to education “in the field”. A true evangelist with a finger on the pulse of those he serves.

  • Jennifer Ste. Marie

    Simply loved it! Engaging, entertaining (dare I say – – at times, humorous?) and highly educational in a relaxed format! Keep up the great work and I look forward to more segments!

  • Father James DiLuzio C.S.P.

    Jack Collins is a great interviewer/spokesman. So glad to see he’s returned to some video ministry! (Check out the archives for 1986 YOU GIVE US 60 MINUTES, WE’LL GIVE YOU THE CATHOLIC WORLD.) YOU DON”T KNOW JACK! is fun and informative and very engagingly presented. Congratulations to Busted Hall director/cameraman/editor Joe Williams for this wonderful effort. We look for more great things to come from this dynamic duo!

  • Adam

    Hey guys! You know that bust of the Pope at 3:16? That’s Pius X, and he wasn’t Pope until 1903. You’re looking for Pius IX. But what a great segment!

  • Adam

    Hey guys! You know that bust of the Pope at 3:16? That’s Piux X, and he wasn’t Pope until 1903. You’re looking for Pius IX. But what a great segment!

  • Nick Swanson

    LOL! I was so excited to see this! Great job to everyone (although the audio we picked in the chapel has some reverb). Father Jack, you must come and visit the OC sometime!

  • No√´l

    This is da bomb! Fr. JACK knows TONS of JACK!!! This is right up his alley!! He needs this kind of audience…the whole world!! I am sending this to EVERYONE in my email and we’ll post on our Parish website!!!!! Peace!

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