Trish Muyco-Tobin is a contributing editor at BustedHalo. She has also served as news editor, anchor and reporter for KMOX and KTRS Radios in St. Louis and KBIA Radio and KOMU-TV in Columbia, Missouri. She resides in St. Louis with her husband.

Father’s Day

Fathers: They’re revered, adored and at times feared — even despised. No matter how you see your dad, you can’t argue with the fact that…

Intentional Chocolate

Many of us grew up being nursed to health with grandma’s chicken noodle soup. But ever wonder why it’s not quite the same when we…

Faith, Politics and Your Vote, Part Two

Should faith matter in the voting booth? How can our moral convictions guide us as citizens when we choose our leaders? BustedHalo invited a cross-section of religious leaders, activists and educators from across the country to share their thoughts on the moral and societal issues facing the country and the changes they’d like to see in a post-George W. Bush America.

Faith, Politics and Your Vote

Over the past few months, we’ve been bombarded by political ads and the hype surrounding next month’s presidential election. But do we really pay attention to what the pundits and spin doctors have to say, or do we vote our conscience? And what role, if any, does religious upbringing play in helping us decide?