Back from Heaven

Two Fridays ago, I packed my bag with some of my cutest sundresses and SPF 15, and set flight for the Virgin Islands. Little did I know I’d experience one of the holiest places I’ve ever been to. This place I now call Heaven on Earth never drops below 72 degrees, even in the middle of the night. The sun is always shining, and people are always smiling. You can even swim among the sea turtles in the middle of their waters, and see more star than sky at night. I was blessed to have been there.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing people who know they live in G-d’s creations. “This is yours,” said one taxi driver. It is, isn’t it? Almost every few roads we passed had a church, or fences with graffiti saying “G-d makes everything alright” or car decals that say “Reliance on G-d = success.” It’s as if everyone there doesn’t question G-d existence, but knows He exists because it’s just too gorgeous a place to have been created by random.

Instead of falling in love with my tan (got an awful sunburn) or prancing around in sundresses (wore mostly t-shirts and shorts), I kind of just hung out with G-d instead – in the form of water and sand, sunlight, positive people and energy, sea turtles and birds, and even, a synagogue.

Hidden way upside a hill in St. Thomas is a gorgeous synagogue with sand floors and lots of sunlight, all in its original form dating back to 1833. See photos below.

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It’s always amazing to find meaning sitting in the middle of history, or some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. If you can’t find G-d at home, maybe it’s time to take a trip. G-d doesn’t sit still. Why should we?