Back to School, WYD Style


After the opening mass for World Youth Day, celebrated by the Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro on the beach, the week-long festivities are in full swing now. This morning starts with the first of three catechetical sessions with various bishops. Every pilgrim is assigned to a location based on their language.

I’m here at the Modern Museum of Art, where Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York gave his talk on hope. Cardinal Dolan said that “hope is belief in a God who fulfills his promise.” And the cardinal’s message was received with a response I’d have expected at a concert!

In a few minutes, the cardinal will be celebrating mass with the pilgrims here before sending us off to various events that we can choose from. It is almost like one of those pick your own adventure books!

Jimmy Hsu

Jimmy Hsu is a seminarian of the Paulist Fathers beginning his fourth year of graduate studies at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. Jimmy is from Plano, Texas, and studied computer science at the University of Texas in Austin before deciding to enter the Paulist Fathers.