BARBARA — DAY 7: Springtime

40 notes to 40 people in 40 days

chris-envelopeToday’s card is for my husband, Chris. We were away at a wedding in Florida over the weekend where a lot of things were in bloom. Chris noticed one tree in particular and commented on the new buds and leaves of spring.

So, when I finished my handwritten note to him, I sketched a tree with green buds and tiny leaves on the back of the envelope.

Chris said he could identify with the tree. He’s just finished a master’s degree in geographic information science or GIS. For those of you who don’t know what that means (FYI — that would have been me a few years ago), GIS is basically digital mapping and geospatial analysis. In short, he’s a digital cartographer.

And he’s someone with a new degree looking for work and hoping that after a long winter of sorts, springtime (and a new job) will arrive. The “winter” hasn’t been easy — there’s the responsibility of school and a few part-time jobs. And then you have the hours spent writing and refining a resume and cover letters. Next — the waiting and waiting and waiting for the phone to ring or the invitation to an interview to arrive via e-mail.

Beginning a new career is tough. This is my husband’s second career after a first in the music industry. There is a lot of time spent in solitude and reflection. There are moments of questioning and doubt. And as with winter, there is the promise of springtime. The new buds and green leaves were inspirational to Chris, a way for him to think about this next season of life that is just around the corner.

For anyone reading this in a similar position — either looking for work or loving and supporting someone who is — I pray for springtime to come to you, too.