Big Church, Small World


After my disappointment at not seeing the pope close up last night, my friend Pope Francis texted me saying that he’ll have a few minutes and told me to go and meet him on the streets of Rio. Ok … Maybe not. But I did run into a barricade on a street I was trying to cross when he drove right past, and waved at me (or in my direction).


Shortly after seeing the pope, I ran into a friend of mine from Catholic University of America, who is a Conventual Franciscan. Friar Emanuel gave me a tour of the Franciscan space, a collaborative project of all the Franciscans to host a site for WYD pilgrims to experience the brothers. I got to meet so many Franciscans! I even got a small gift from the minister general, the worldwide head of the Franciscan Order!

Jimmy Hsu

Jimmy Hsu is a seminarian of the Paulist Fathers beginning his fourth year of graduate studies at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. Jimmy is from Plano, Texas, and studied computer science at the University of Texas in Austin before deciding to enter the Paulist Fathers.