Casting Calls and Soul Mates

allyouneedislove-flashThis week, for the first time ever, I went for a TV audition. Let’s just say it was for a reality show that has something to do with millionaires and love. Why did I go? Despite my camera shyness, I thought it would be an interesting experience, the ya know, let’s see what happens kind of thing. As a journalist, I get curious about basically anything. But reality shows, never (not to be in one at least). In my observation, it wasn’t a day-in-the-life for many of the girls at the audition either with the exception of a few who came with professional headshots.

For this casting, we had to fill out a 26 page application, take photos, and do a quick interview with the casting director. Questions asked were: What are you looking for in a partner? When was your last relationship? Who is your celebrity crush? You might think these are superficial things to ask, but these casting agents weren’t messing around. They were looking for the real deal. They wanted people looking for love. And the more girls (and guys, yes there are millionairesses) I met at the casting, the more I realized they too are looking for the real deal. One girl said, quote: I’m so excited about this. What an amazing way to find the right guy.

I have to admit I was a little surprised to see such a serious-minded crowd, in New York City, at a reality show casting, who are looking for love — and real love nonetheless. Despite the fact I was there out of curiosity, I began to wonder if some of these optimistic and hopeful romantics at the casting could possibly find the love of their life thanks to this show.

What do you think? Can soul mate rendezvous on reality TV be the work of the ultimate matchmaker Himself, or is Hollywood doing a number on our hopes and vulnerabilities? Can true love be found on reality TV?  Tell me what you think and please share your story if you’ve ever been part in something like this.