CHRISTINA — DAY 39: An outlet for humor

Lenten Facebook Fast

curtain-165488_1920One Facebook status that we can all agree is socially acceptable is the humorous status. Who could dislike a truly funny status? Since I’ve given up Facebook, I miss both posting and reading funny statuses. The number of “likes” is like a virtual applause that can be a boost to the day.

In giving up Facebook, I’ve been challenging myself to seek out alternatives to what Facebook usually gives me. If I can no longer post funny statuses, or read them, where else can I go for humor?

Last week, I challenged myself and for the first time, entered in our school’s Talent Show with a stand-up comedy routine. As I said, I had never done this before, and it was sort of a last-minute decision, in fact. In the fall, I had directed the Comedy Show and submitted a skit, but stand-up was all-new territory.

And, guess what? It was a success! In fact, I got second place in the show! I was surprised and happy. I had been saving up some pretty decent would-have-been Facebook statuses these past weeks. I was able to give them a stage.

What’s more, I got to see three other stand-ups from my school, including one good friend. All in all, I got my fill of humor and also got to be humorous. Just one more reason why giving up things in Lent can bring us to new places!