Let it snow

This past Saturday there was a blizzard here on the East Coast. I wouldn’t have minded really. I would have sat around in my pajamas and drank myself into a hot chocolate coma. Only this Saturday was special. I was organizing a concert expecting 300 to arrive, only to find out the two headlining bands canceled and people were too scared to drive in.

I probably should have panicked, and cried. I almost did. But luckily I stayed calm, after a few choice words to the one band’s manager for canceling an hour before the show.

The truth is though, despite everything out of my control going wrong, it was out of my control. We can plan with one another, but we can’t plan with G-d. In Kaballah, we believe that “This too is for good.” That when things blow up in our face, and all our plans change without consent, that G-d is preparing us for something great. I really felt that way as my partner-in-crime Annie and I got the show going, with 100 people who arrived trekking through a blizzard, to be there supporting the show.

We ended up with some great performances, including Dusty Brown who arrived on last-minute call to save the day. We raised money and awareness for a great charity TWLOHA (www.TWLOHA.com) and even had the unexpected surprise of having the founder come out and meet us. We partied with friends who wouldn’t just say they’d risk their lives for us, but actually did! The best part was sharing the stage with Annie who, when the two of us get together, always make lemonade out of thin air and come out with just one more story for our someday memoirs.

I know attitude is really important in getting by in life. Thinking about G-d’s intentions always helps me see things in the right attitude. Why are certain people in my life? Why did I just fall on my face in front of everyone? Why did a blizzard show up on a really important night? These are all things to ask ourselves and in getting over ourselves. It’s not always so obvious. Every now and then it’s best to let G-d take it from here. It might end up better in the end than planned.