Papal Madness Day 5: The Faithful Four

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It’s Day 5 of Papal Madness and we’re perplexed: Do people really like Mark Wahlberg this much, or are Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney just not as popular as we believed? Meanwhile, the Archbishop of New York, Cardinal Dolan, took Busted Halo‘s® very own Fr. Dave Dwyer, CSP, to the cleaners; Stephen Colbert triumphed over Conan O’Brien; and Martin Sheen made quick work out of Jim Caviezel.

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Well, we’ve arrived at the Faithful Four. In the top part of the bracket it should be no surprise that we have our two No. 1 seeds from the Media/Politics and the Hollywood regions facing off as the always hilarious and devout pundit Stephen Colbert takes on beloved Catholic actor Martin Sheen. And in the bottom half it’s No. 3 seed His Eminence, Timothy Cardinal Dolan vs. No. 4 Marky Mark Wahlberg. Who will we see in tomorrow’s final matchup? Could it be a replay of the Cardinal and Colbert, or perhaps the stars of The Departed will be back for another bloody showdown?

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Today’s competitors:
The Faithful Four

01-colbertStephen Colbert: Not only the top seed of the Media/Politics Region, but of the entire Papal Madness tournament, Colbert enjoys the spotlight nearly as much as discussing his devout Catholic faith. He’s never been afraid to go head-to-head against fellow Papal Madness competitors Cardinal Dolan and Fr. Jim Martin, and there have already been several arguments made that he indeed should be made the next pope.

01-sheenMartin Sheen: The No. 1 Papal Madness seed for the Hollywood Region, Sheen is quite well known for being Catholic, even taking his stage name from Bishop Fulton Sheen. Aside from being a strong proponent of social justice, Sheen has played a number of Catholic roles, including President Jed Bartlet and a grieving father walking The Camino in The Way.

03-dolanHis Eminence, Timothy Cardinal Dolan: In addition to appearing on the weekly Sirius XM program, Conversation with Cardinal Dolan alongside fellow Papal Madness competitor Fr. Dave Dwyer, Cardinal Dolan, one of the approximate 120 cardinals under the age of 80, is the only participant of Papal Madness who actually stands a chance of being elected pope when the papal conclave convenes following Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation on February 28.

04-wahlbergMark Wahlberg: It may surprise you that former rapper turned actor, Wahlberg, is a devout Catholic who claims his faith is the most important aspect of his life. Pope Marky Mark I, anyone?