The 14-Day Happy Challenge

Last week I started what I would like to call the 14-Day Happy Challenge.  It’s something I came up with a week ago Sunday night after realizing I had started to focus on the little things that bother me, rather than the big and small things I should be grateful for in my life and, in turn, make me a better person.

For two weeks I am not allowed to complain about work, but instead be grateful that I have a job that has given me the opportunity to challenge myself and push myself to work harder.  I can’t complain about my relationship, but rather communicate and work through it. And I can’t complain about the day-to-day tidiness of our apartment – instead I can find the vacuum :)

So far it seems to be working, and I feel like I am seeing things as if with a new pair of eyes.  Who knows how long I can keep this up?  After all, it seems like it will be rather daunting to always be conscious of my mood and whether or not I’m speaking negatively or positively.  But with an exercise like this it seems that the goal is try and get to the point where I’m thinking positively more than I am negatively.  The rest will fall in to place.  Let’s see if Monica and Annie notice.

Have you done a challenge like this?  Did it work?

Farrah Fidler is a publicist and social media consultant. A native New Yorker, and recent transplant to Brooklyn, she has always been a soul searcher and is constantly looking for new ways to connect with G-d.