Tonight is the Great Shabbat

Tonight is the Great Shabbat for the reason that it comes before Passover. Monday night, most Jewish families religious or not, will sit down for what is called a Seder meal. The 15 steps of the Seder are a. incredibly long, but more importantly b. resemble important parts of life and Jewish history.

For those unfamiliar, Passover is the holiday which commemorates the day Jews escaped Egypt as slaves and traveled to the Holy Land. Jews were literally “passed over” by marking their doors with lambs blood, as instructed by the Lord, and Egypt’s Pharoah let them go out of fear of the Ten Plagues – the final being the killing of all of Egypt’s firstborn.

A rabbi who I would even consider an expert on Passover, lucky for me, is right here in New York City. He runs the Meaningful Life Center and always has something beautiful to say about Passover. Here is a video of Rabbi Simon Jacobson below:

Secrets of the Seder

You can learn more about Passover or Rabbi Simon Jacobson on his site: Stay tuned as I follow along on the Omer counting which is a daily exercise between the holidays of Passover and Shavout (49 days) for spiritual and emotional elevation. It will be the first year I attempt to follow for all 49 days.