February Update From Fr. Dave

Lenten greetings!

During this holy season, we can hear the words of John the Baptist calling us to repent, reform and refocus. We at Busted Halo® are undergoing evaluation and changes of our own as we move forward in our strategic plan this year. Here’s a sampling of what’s coming in 2015:

  • We are engaging the expertise of communications and marketing agencies to evaluate the effectiveness of our online presence and social media efforts in reaching twentysomethings. This will involve an evaluation of content, design and distribution method.
  • We are conducting an analysis of our target audience through independent focus groups and agency research to help guide our strategic direction for the next three years. Our goal is to more effectively reach non-religious young adults in their twenties with the Gospel message in a way that speaks to them.
  • “The Busted Halo® Show” on SiriusXM radio will be on location providing full coverage of Pope Francis’ first visit to the U.S. in September.

The work of Busted Halo® is made possible because of your generosity. We raised $23,465 during the 2014 – 2015 Holiday Fund Drive, surpassing our goal of $20,000. Thank you for your increased generosity!  And, we are especially grateful to a couple of donors who have given even larger gifts earmarked for use in this year’s reinvention of our digital content.

Bringing the message of Jesus to others in our time is no easy task. The competition for people’s attention is greater than at any time in history. We cannot do it alone. We need your help to continue bringing the Good News to twentysomethings using the latest communications technologies available. If you are a Halo Repair Crew member (see article in this issue) or make other types of regular donations to our ministry — we appreciate your loyal support.

If you follow Busted Halo® but have not been able to contribute, please consider making a small donation at this time of change for our ministry and in this crucial time for our Church (see article on Churchless Adults also in this issue).

As you begin the Lenten journey towards Easter, I encourage you to make Busted Halo’s popular Lenten Calendar a part of your spiritual practice this season at www.bustedhalo.com.

Blessings to you and your loved ones this Lenten Season,


Fr. Dave Dwyer, CSP
Executive Director

P.S.  Make a donation to Busted Halo this Lent in honor of a young adult in your life who is disconnected from the Church.