June Update from Fr. Dave

Summer is here, but we at Busted Halo® are still pretty busy — and expect to be for quite some time. Here’s a sampling of what’s been happening and what’s to come:

  • We conducted our first round of focus groups and shared the results with the professional marketing agency we selected to evaluate our media and content for young adults (See Millennials Share Their Views About Busted Halo®)
  • Our Production Editor, Joe Williams, left us in April to move to Portland, Maine, with his new wife Nikki, where the two of them will be seeking new career opportunities. We will miss him, and his creativity and technical prowess that showed forth in some of our most beloved pieces like our “… In 2 Minutes” video series and contests like Catholic Mascotology, Papal Madness and the recent Lenten Academy Awards.
  • On April 20, Jen Sawyer joined the Busted Halo team as Digital Content Producer, a newly created position looking forward to an emphasis on social media in the near future. (See Meet the New Busted Halo Team Member)
  • I was just recently in Georgia for the Atlanta Archdiocese’s 20th annual Eucharistic Congress. Many of you stopped by our booth to say hi as we broadcast a 3-hour live radio show in the midst of the 25,000 people gathered for this year’s Congress.
  • We are anticipating and will be covering reaction to Pope Francis’ upcoming encyclical on the environment due out today; the Holy Father’s visit to the U.S. on location in September, and the second Synod of Bishops on the Family in October.

Also, I’d like to send out a public thank you to St. John the Baptist Parish in Edmond, Oklahoma, who made donations totaling over $9,500 during a Parish Mission I preached during Lent.

And a thank you also to our benefactors and donors, who responded to our email appeals for Lent and Easter with contributions of more than $8,500. Your generosity will help bring new life to Busted Halo® this year!

With all that’s happening in our world, the Gospel message of peace and of love needs to be heard by our young adults now more than ever! We’re doing our part here at Busted Halo® to ensure that the Good News is communicated to young adults using the medium they access and the language and symbols that speak to them. We’d appreciate your support in this effort as we prepare to update and refine our media and message for 2016.

You can help us by making a donation today. Thank you!




Fr. Dave Dwyer, CSP

Executive Director of Busted Halo®

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