Tuesday of the First Week of Advent

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While we are all warm and snuggly around a family fireplace, men and women are serving our country in the war-torn Middle East.  

BustedHalo is asking their readers to send phone cards to soldiers this year so they can call their loved ones at home on Christmas.

There are two different ways that you can send phone cards to troops:

  1. If there is a soldier that you know, and you have their full name and address:
    • You can order a card through AAFES. AAFES is the Army Air Force Exchange Services, basically a store on base that also has an online catalogue. Their link is: https://thor.aafes.com/scs/default.aspx.
    • You can also send a card through a non-profit organization. (Military branches have lists of associated organizations, as do VA hospitals and groups that support military families.)
  2. The second option is to send a phone card through the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Operation Uplink: http://www.operationuplink.org/.
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