Monday of the Second Week of Advent

Feast of the Immaculate Conception

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Surprising others this Christmas…

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Susan Harrison is living proof that attitude, perspective and determination can change a life.

Abandoned by her mother to a relative, Susan was raised in a home with little love and much abuse. Enduring physical and psychological pain, Susan focused on good grades and sports. “I kept trying,” she says. “I kept thinking that there has to be something better.” Without role models, Susan floundered. Just a few years out of high school, she became pregnant.

“I was working full-time in security while I was carrying my baby, but the company decreased my hours,” says Susan. “It just wasn’t enough to make it.” The baby’s father did not help Susan financially. After her baby’s birth, she was forced to move south, into the home of extended family. During a visit from her baby’s father, she became pregnant again. Susan’s family despised her decision to maintain a relationship with her children’s father. Abuse once again entered Susan’s life as her family took their frustration out on her. She knew she had to escape for the safety of her baby. Gathering her few belongings, she headed north and found shelter with a friend. Susan and her two children needed more room than her friend could provide, and they were once again without a home.

That’s when Susan found Malta House.

Through the referral from the 211 line, Susan learned there was an opening at the home. “It was totally a blessing from God. I was ready for Malta House.”

Susan has surpassed all requirements for Malta House residents. She has found full-time employment, cares for her children, is building a healthier relationship with her children’s father, and is taking classes at a local church.

During this season of Advent, we meditate on a woman who found herself pregnant and rejected by her own people. When nobody would take her in, Mary was forced to deliver the Son of God in a barn—a place in which most people wouldn’t sleep under any conditions became a place fit for a King. With this in mind we ask you to do what you can to make the women and children who live at Malta House a bit more comfortable this Christmas.

Malta House asks that you please consider what you can give from the following list to help them care for both women and children:

  • Baby food
  • Infant formula (Similac, Good Start, Enfamil)
  • Baby clothes 0-4T
  • Diapers, wipes, ointments
  • Crib bedding (crib sheets, bumpers, blankets, comforters)
  • Car seats (infant & toddlers)
  • Toiletries (for women & babies)
  • Women’s clothing, sizes small to XXXL – new or gently used & clean
  • Bedding (twin-size sheets, blankets, comforters)
  • Pillows, pillow cases, towels
  • Laundry supplies (detergent, fabric softeners, bleach)
  • Paper products (paper towels, tissues, toilet paper)
  • Non-perishable foods (canned soups, canned vegetables, etc.)
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Office supplies
  • Notebooks, pens, pencils, dictionaries
  • Grocery store gift cards
  • Pharmacy gift cards

Send all your supplies to:

Malta House
5 Prowitt Street
Norwalk, CT 06855.
Attn: Executive Director

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