And the winner was

Busted Halo contests keep on giving


We know, we know, it’s been a couple weeks. Lent has passed, Easter is here, and we never formally announced the end of our Fast Pray Give contest or its winner. Ok, we’re sorry. We certainly didn’t intend for this to slip through the cracks but in the midst of covering everything else going on in the world of spiritual seekers it unfortunately did. (We ARE proud to note, however, that we actually picked the grand prize winner and sent the prize out right on time…we just forgot to tell the rest of you.)

So finally, at long last…

Congratulations to the Grand Prize winner, Kim Dousette of Hopkinsville, KY, who received an Easter Basket with a custom Fast Pray Give Flip Video Camera, candy, books, music and more. And thank you to all the readers who participated for making the Fast Pray Give calendar and contest a success.

With the Fast Pray Give calendar, we offered daily meditations and contemplative exercises at a click of a browser button throughout the forty days of Lent. And just because Lent is over, that doesn’t mean those exercises are no longer necessary. You can still find inspirational quotes, meditative practices and contemplations on our Daily Jolt page.

Stay tuned for our upcoming summer contest beginning in May. Where there is a Busted Halo contest, reflections and prizes are sure to follow…