Busted Borders: Prerna (Fiji) – Video 7

"I have no desire to be in this country."

In this final episode, Prerna talks about the repercussions of leaving Fiji and why she continues to stay and work in the U.S.

In video six, Prerna discusses the fallout with her family, community and school as a result of her new relationship.

In video five, Prerna discusses her first love while growing up in Fiji.

In video four, Prerna talks about her experience biking from Los Angeles to Berkeley, CA.

In video three, Prerna’s family is trying to avoid foreclosure on their home.

In video two, Prerna becomes an activist, a blogger and a volunteer.

In video one, we learn how Prerna, Fijian student, who was applying for residential paperwork, became the only undocumented member of her family.