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The controversial comments made by Barack Obama’s pastor, Jeremiah Wright has re ignited a debate among many Americans as to how religious leaders should approach political issues of the day when they are preaching to their congregations. The pulpit has historically been a place where these sorts of topics are discussed—often sparking controversy.

BustedHalo® is interested in compiling answers to the following questions from as broad a cross section as possible of preachers (priests, ministers, rabbis, imams etc) who regularly give sermons to their congregations.

Please pass this questionnaire onto as many priests, ministers, rabbis, imams etc as possible.

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1) How often do you preach?

2) Have you ever addressed political/social issues in your preaching?

3) If yes, how often?

4) If no, why not?

5) Do you think it’s appropriate to speak from the pulpit on political issues?

6) Do you ever publicly advocate a position on a politician or political/social issue from the pulpit?

7) What has been the reaction you have experienced when you have preached on these sorts of issues?

8) Have members of your congregation ever asked you to preach on a particular political or social issue, and if so, what was your response?

9) Other comments/thoughts/anecdotes you’d like to share?

10) Given your experience, what are your reactions to the way Pastor Wright has dealt with the current situation? Has the press been unfair?

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*Please give us at least your first name and title and what denomination you represent as well as where you live. In the interest of privacy, let us know if you’re willing to allow us to publish your name with your comments.

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