BustedHalo’s Pulpit and Politics Poll

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“You bring the Biblical insights to bear so that individuals can use that information as they come to their decisions.”
-Fr. Patrick B. Fox, Roman Catholic, Rochester, NY

“Absolutely. These issues affect the lives of the folks in the pews. Why would we not apply the Gospel?”
-Fr. Peter Petroske, RC, Dearborn, Michigan

“I think a pastor should have as much right to express opinion as does anyone else.”
-Rev Tim Johnson
International Church of the Foursquare Gospel
Walla Walla, Washington

“When the issues are clearly moral, transcend political labels, and help people get insight into the situation of their lives, it is appropriate.”
-Fr. Frank Desiano, RC, Queens, NY

“It is appropriate provided it is dealing with an issue, and giving some insight to the issue from a Christian perspective. I don’t try to endorse, issues or candidates, but try to speak of how the Church raises its own conscience.”
-Fr. BC, Roman Catholic, Michigan

“Yes, that is how morality works itself out publicly, in politics.”
-Fr. John, Roman Catholic, NYC

“Yes, as issues affecting the common good and human values. I would not tell people how to vote from the pulpit.”
-Fr. Joe Currie, RC, Bronx NY

“On some topics … especially those that concern protecting life, immigration, and exploitation of the poor.”
-Fr. Dan, RC, Chicago, Ill

“Absolutely! If we are to transform the world into a kingdom of justice, love and peace, we must address human needs inspired by our spirituality.”
-Fr. Thomas, RC, Los Angeles, Ca

“Peace, racism, relief for the poor, aid for the world’s hungry are all examples of political issues I try to address broadly. I don’t, however, adopt a specific political strategy and try to get others to come on board in a sermon.”
-Fr. William Axe, RC, Los Angeles, Ca

“Depends what you mean by political issues.” For example, abortion can become a political issue, but at its base it is a moral issue. I should speak about moral issues.”
-Fr. James McCauley, RC, Toronto, Canada

“Yes, but it’s risky and care must be given. People do not hear very well with all the filters they bring into the pews with them.”
-Fr. James, RC, Youngstown, OH

“Yes, since today political issues include moral issues e.g. abortion and homosexual unions, and the like.”
-Fr. John F. O’Connor, RC, Newark NJ

“Of course. But only in so far as the greater good, the most loving action and attitudes are concerned. Never to advance a political viewpoint or a party or partisanship.”
-Fr. Joseph, RC, New York

“Yes. The Church has a responsibility to teach good living– spiritually as well as politically.”
-Fr. Steve Porter, RC, California