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“There are usually one or two persons who accuse me of being political or even at times against the Church’s teaching.”
-Michael, RC, Redding, CA

“General acceptance to the appropriateness of the topic and timeliness even if what I offer is contrary to their views, they found it enlightening to hear it a different way.”
-Rev. Philip N. Gustafson
Vandergrift, PA

“Some are angry. Some leave. Mostly grateful.”
-Fr Gary, RC

“Mostly positive. The more negative reaction has come from people who see political statements in prayers and petitions. It shows words express values – not all people approve of all messages.”
-Fr. BC, MI

“People seem to listen and make their own decisions. I think they appreciate me raise their consciences to issues.”
-Fr. Daniel, MI

“Some think that any words from me that might touch on political issues are out of place. Many approve my proclaiming the Gospel truths.”
-Fr. James McCauley, Toronto, Canada

“To my face all positive (but who knows what is said behind my back).”
-Fr. Ed, RC, Massachusetts

“People, if they are aware (most often they are not) thank me for my courage.”
-Fr. Phil, RC, Ca

“Mostly favorable. Folks say things like, ‘At last someone is saying something about what we’ve been thinking all along.’”
-Fr. Peter Petroske, RC, Dearborn, MI

“Generally accepting. Only one person castigated me for my position.”
-Fr. Tom Hall (RC Military Chaplain), Ca

“When people misunderstand the point, thinking you are taking a political side, they react with anger. During a series of bulletin articles, I articulated the moral issues (missing) behind the war in Iraq; people reacted with, “You are against the President; I support him.” It is hard to get people to be nuanced when one speaks in political categories, even when one is trying not to.”
-Frank Desiano, RC, Queens, NY

“People here are very sensitive to the politicization of preaching, and will complain if I become “too political.” When I speak about the Church’s social teaching, and the values of the Gospel, they react very favorably.”
-Fr. Larry Rice, RC, Columbus OH