Ecclesia Virtualis

Catholics in the Blogosphere

Saint Joseph’s University’s Office of Mission & Identity present the next installment in their Catholic Intellectual Series

Ecclesia Virtualis: Catholics in the Blogosphere

For the First Time Anywhere…

Join us for a panel discussion on how the internet and blogs affect both the discourse on and the practice of Catholicism in America. Our panel features some of the leading voices on the Catholic Church in the blogosphere:

Amy Welborn
Author of the blog “Open Book

Rocco Palmo
Author of the blog “Whispers in the Loggia

Grant Gallicho
Associate Editor, Commonweal

Panel Host:

Bill McGarvey

*While we are not yet certain if the event will be streamed live, it will be filmed and available to watch online at some point.

WHERE: Chapel of St. Joseph

St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia

WHEN: Tuesday, March 20, 2007 7:30 pm, FREE

For further information, contact:

Rev. Daniel R. J. Joyce, S.J.