End of 2010 Inventory

While there are so many posts written in my head, I thought I should hop on the band wagon and look back on the end of 2010 living in our happy, little interfaith home with Monica and Annie.  It’s time to take a moment to reflect and remember my  kosher kitchenware that has been lost to the traif gods:

Two dairy bowls (donated to Monica and Annie) and two dairy forks (to be re-kashered) were lost a couple of weeks after we moved in during a pasta incident.

A dairy cutting board (donated to Monica and Annie) was lost after it was washed with good intentions.  It has since been replaced.

A dairy bread plate mysteriously made its way into our non-kosher sink.  It has been donated and we still do not know how it got there.

A meat knife was de-kashered after it was mistakenly used to cut a dairy cupcake (to be re-kashered when the snow melts).

A friend broke one of my glasses.  It’s okay, especially since I broke one of his wine glasses back in the day while doing dishes.

The last loss of 2010 (I hope the last since there are less than 24 hours of 2010!) was a dairy plate.  Boyfriend washed it with the wrong sponge accidentally.  The kosher status is yet to be determined.

Despite all of these “losses”, I have gained so much since our move in August.  I live with two wonderful roommates who teach me new things all the time, entertain me non-stop, and keep the apartment stocked with chocolate!  While I may have a shrinking set of dishes, it just doesn’t matter when the benefits keep growing.  See you in 2011!