June 2014 Wallpaper



It’s time once again for that big event we look forward to every four years…No, not Pentecost in June (though that coincides as well), it’s obviously time to get ready for soccer as the World Cup begins this month on June 12, hosted by Brazil. For any U.S. soccer fans out there, Team USA’s first (and hopefully not last) three matches are on June 12, 22, and 26.

(BTW, the photo for the month is a “statue of the infant Jesus dressed in soccer uniform” that comes to us courtesy of Catholic News Service/Imelda Medina.)

Other big events besides Pentecost and soccer to look out for include Father’s Day, the beginning of summer, and the first day of Ramadan — if you have any Islamic friends you’d like to wish a happy Ramadan.

The wallpaper is available in sizes that will fit both widescreen and full screen monitors, mobile devices and a Facebook cover photo. Download the files directly below, mark your calendar, and enjoy this easy way to stay aware of important feasts and holy days heading your way.

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